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In the world of constant chaos and materialistic insanity, anger always lures us to perform some nasty things. It is usually impulsive battle but is also a timely affair. Purposefully or accidentally, we display its wrath to the world and hide our humility deep inside of us. It is a common mistake that every human does.

The control factor for anger varies for each one of us. Some accumulate resentment and explode like a supervolcano when the time comes, and some use the power of words to curse instantly. There are times when we are not aware of being possessed by anger. It controls our minds and transforms us into a whole new person. It is an unwanted misery that we carry with us. 

Illustrative art showcasing anger battle.
Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor

The state of being angry is never helpful to the human mind. It usually affects our thinking to a large extent and disconnects our minds from being mindful of things around us. There may be thousands of programs and teachers who teach us about anger management, the actuality of it is seen when we practice negating anger diligently. Fortunately, this is a moderately easy process with a simplistic approach. And this feat can be achieved only with long term practice.

Living a simple life is what we need to aim throughout our journey. With regular practice, and by being mindful of every moment we spend, one can love everyone and be close to nature in a peaceful manner.

Domination of Anger

The domination of anger over us is on the higher side in most of the situations. We are angry about the state of the nation, about our doings in the past, also about people not listening to what we have to offer. The list never ends, and we all carry an immense burden throughout our life. With all this, how will we mindfully lead a life? 

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By now, we understand that peaceful living is possible when we surround ourselves with happiness. When our ego is not satisfied, or our expectations are not met, we tend to get angry. In that case, ego and expectations should never have a place in our lives. One should let go of anger, ego, greed, and materialistic insanity to lead a simple life.

Mindful practice

It is difficult in our world where we get surrounded by comfort and a constant need for fulfilling expectations. There is one thing that we need to understand, anger, stops us from being happy. It is us to take notice of it and get better at managing anger with mindful practice and slowly eliminate it from our lives.

Exercise for today: Consciously practice mindfulness.

We often suppress anger in an attempt to not being angry at the moment. When we see that mounting on us, we consciously need to let go of it and move on. It is possible when we reduce our expectations towards a specific outcome. Let us try and extend this practice in our daily life, every day, every moment.

PS: Anger encourages unhappiness and no peace. Would you still employ anger in you?

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