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At a time when artificial intelligence (AI) is infiltrating our daily lives, a large number of people are still confused about how AI works and what it can do for us. Adept AI has more answers with ACT-1.

If you’re one of them, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about Adept AI and its revolutionary ACT-1 technology.

In this blog, you will thoroughly understand how ACT-1 works and why everyone needs to be aware of this tech-forward startup, Adept AI.

Adept AI
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What is Adept AI?

Adept is a Machine Learning (ML) research and product lab working on developing general intelligence by enabling people and computers to work together creatively. 

They believe AI systems should be built with users at the center and envision machines working with people in control

The company’s goal is to develop models with similar plasticity to human intelligence that can learn and grow in capability across a diverse set of tasks. 

The founders of Adept, Ashish Vaswani and Niki Parmar developed the Transformer in 2017, which became the fundamental architecture of giant models with highly general capabilities, leading to breakthroughs in various AI use cases. 

Now Adept is training a neural network to use every software tool and API. 

They are building on existing capabilities to create a general system that helps people get things done in front of their computers and acts as a universal collaborator for every knowledge worker.

For more information, please visit their website.

Why is it called ACT-1 (Action Transformer)?

As millennials and Gen Z, back in the late 2000s and early 2010s (2008-2012), we used macros, excel formulas to automate simple tasks. 

I remember using it to merge documents, generate employee-specific offer letters, and build macros for repeatable tasks.

Later in 2015, we built BOTs that could perform specific tasks inside the software using the likes of UIPath. Those were the days!

From there, AI has just taken off and transformed itself into a helpful worker.

Today we have Conversational AI, Speech AI, Generative AI, ChatGPT, Constitutional AI.

Who doesn’t like help? We have house help, personal assistants at the workplace, etc.,

Adept, an ML research and product lab – is introducing a new model, Action Transformer (ACT-1), that can take action in the digital world. 

This groundbreaking technology is a massive step toward general intelligence and has the potential to change the way we interact with computers. 

The model uses every software tool, API, and web-apps, creating a foundation for actions that can do anything a human can do in front of a computer. (Travel booking, excel automation, finding you a house, you name it!)

Adept believes that natural language interfaces will define the next era of computing that allows for direct communication with computers, and ACT-1 is a big step toward this future. 

The company is excited to unveil this new model and its capabilities to the public.

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How does ACT-1 work?

Adept’s new model – Action Transformer (ACT-1), uses digital tools, including web browsers. 

The model connects to a Google Chrome extension that allows it to observe and interact with the browser, including actions such as clickingtyping, and scrolling

The observation process uses a custom “rendering” of the browser viewport to generalize across websites. And the action space includes the available UI elements on the page. 

The company is still improving the speed and the software to reduce latency to a level invisible to humans. Adept expects it to reach an incredible pace using large language models as power users.

The videos of the model in action that you see on their website are ~5-10x fast for ease of viewing. Visit Adept’s website, to watch some demo videos.

(It can go anywhere on the public internet and get you information. It can learn from Wikipedia for more clarifications, work on spreadsheets like google sheets, and check craigslist based on the high-level user request.)

Join the next frontier of models in Artificial General Intelligence – Alpha Waitlist.

How does ACT-1 differ from other AI tools?

ACT-1 is different as it is a large-scale Transformer model that will use digital tools and interact with web browsers.

It allows it to perform tasks that a human can do in front of a computer. Other AI models may have different capabilities (like GPT-3s and DALL-E image generation) and may not be for interaction with digital tools. 

Additionally, ACT-1 is a part of a string of systems in Adept’s development roadmap.

Adept’s single goal is to achieve general intelligence with deep learning parameters.

Which industries can use Adept AI?

Adept AI, with its focus on developing general intelligence, the model could have potential applications in many industries.

  • Businesses and organizations that rely on data analysis and decision-making could benefit from Adept AI’s ability. It will assist with tasks such as data entry, report generation, and even decision-making.
  • Industries that rely heavily on digital tools, such as software development, graphic design, and video editing, could use Adept AI to automate repetitive tasks. It frees up time for more creative work.
  • Any industry that requires data processing and manipulation, such as healthcare, finance, and retail, can use Adept AI to process and analyze large amounts of data faster. (Like salesforce)
  • Manufacturing industries with repetitive tasks can use Adept AI to automate manual processes and improve efficiency.

It is worth noting since Adept AI is in the stage of research and development, the product is not yet available. Also, it’s unclear which industries will be able to use it or for what specific use cases.

If you wish to experiment some AI tools, try these

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2 – Rytr

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4 – Writesonic

5 – Paragraph AI

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9 –

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Adept AI’s ACT-1 be available to the public?

The dates are unclear, but you can join their alpha waitlist to access the tool. Here is the link – Alpha Waitlist.

What are the key takeaways from Adept AI?

The way forward and takeaways:

  • Adept AI is working on developing general intelligence by allowing people and computers to work together on the internet.
  • ACT-1 is a model that can take action in the digital world and is a step towards general intelligence.
  • ACT-1 uses natural language (NLP) to interact with computers and digital tools.
  • The goal is to make it easy for anyone to use advanced features, regardless of their expertise.
  • The current way of interacting with computers using GUIs will change to natural language.
  • It will make the software more powerful and accessible to everyone.
  • ACT-1 model can look for information and perform tasks on software tools, so people don’t have to.
  • There is no need for people to learn the specific language of each software tool.
  • ACT-1 can assist in various fields like drug design and engineering.
  • ACT-1 collaboration will make people more efficient, energized, and creative.
  • The documentation, manuals, and FAQs will be for the tools instead of people.
  • People can focus on higher-order tasks, and breakthroughs will accelerate with AI as a teammate.


Adept AI’s ACT-1 model’s remarkable capabilities will change how we interact with computers and digital tools. 

With the ability to use natural language to perform tasks and search for information, users no longer have to spend time learning the specific language of each software tool. 

It makes the process more efficient and opens up advanced features to anyone, regardless of their expertise. 

Additionally, the model’s ability to assist in various fields like drug design and engineering has the potential to accelerate breakthroughs. It will make us more efficient, energized, and creative. 

Adept AI’s vision of AI systems built with users at the center and machines working with people in control is becoming a reality. With ACT-1, it’s an exciting development for the future of technology.

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