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Time is a funny dimension. It is like a broken cassette player where the access is provided only to press “Play” & “Record” together. All the other buttons on the player are disabled or not available. For now, that is our way of living until we completely understand this dimension and gain access to control the other buttons of the player. Are we the custodians of positivity?

Although, it is easy to blame time, fate, and other factors on how and what we are. But, that never helps build a good story and our conscience will not be convinced about it. 

Every day we have 20000 moments available with an opportunity to record anything in our free will.

A typical human spends around 33-36% of those moments in sleeping where we dream, we tailor stories amalgamating memories and the knowledge gained from the external medium.

Another 33-36% of those moments are used up in finding ways to earn our meal. And the remaining moments are either spent with our loved ones or alone in poised contemplation.


If we look at the opportunities available for us, it is huge considering 20000 moments per day. In fact, we are the custodians of our life. Also, we are thinkers to define life the way we wish it to be.

There is no need to depend on the unknown possibility to gain control of the future or change the past. So, in the current societal structure, it will be chaotic if we had access to edit the time dimension. 

There are plenty of examples from the past where people have lived life to the fullest and we keep hearing about them at regular intervals. Our knowledge, emotions, relations, and our past influence how we live the present moment.

More than being influencers, these need to act as references to shape our present. Earlier, I mentioned that we are the custodians of our life.

So, we have the power and access to live the present moment filled with positivity, filled with happiness, filled with peace.

Often people ask me, What is this being positive? How can I develop a positive mindset? 

Positivity is a state of mind, where we believe that our capability is limitless, our conscience is pure, and understanding that there is nothing called fear.

Furthermore, it is a habit, where we feed our emotions with happiness and peace. Positivity is understanding that our past is a lesson that we have learned already. Positivity is when we start to say – I can, I will. 

When being positive becomes a practice, we notice specific changes in our behavior.

  • Our expectations and dependencies on others stop to bother.
  • Our energy levels will be comparatively high.
  • There will be no fear in approaching any new situation.
  • We will be happy in any scenario.
  • Our mind will enter the state of calm.
  • We would have started influencing people around us to be positive.

Positivity is a direct consequence of will power, read about your hidden ammunition.

Be positive, arranged using scrabble pieces. positivity
Photo by Amanda Jones

Exercise for today: Start the journey of being positive.

There is more knowledge around us that we cannot capture in one lifetime. But being positive helps us to be humble and welcome new lessons. Let us forget our grades, our status, and our wealth. They encourage fear, negativity, greed, and ego. Let us all be wise and spread positivity around us to experience unconditional happiness and humility.

PS: A trait of a humble and positive person – the glass is always half full.

Read more on how to achieve a positive attitude? – by Harvard Medical School

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