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Capturing moments of all types is what we do all day, everywhere. We build a fortress of memories filled with emotions, for it to be accessed later. Not aware of the world we may enter in the next sleep, a stunning dramatic surprise awaits us to mesmerize in our dreams.

Our tired eyes close, and within minutes the door of our dreams welcomes us. A new story has started to unfold from the depth of our memory palace. A blend of our immediate hearty worries threatening our existence becomes a nightmare.

And sometimes, just a pure memory filled with goodness teases and makes us want to see more. It is a film of sorts, where we direct it, and we are the grand audience as well. Overall, it is an engaging ride that one cannot deny when in sleep.

Illustrative art of dreams.
Photo by JR Korpa

All our dreams connect directly to what we experience in our daily lives. If we are conscious enough to choose what we want to experience, there is a direct correlation to what we see in our dreams.

Our minds construct these dreams only within the boundaries of our memory. Sometimes, we may see fantasy sequences; these are the outcomes of our unfulfilled desires, resting deep in us.

They play a role in our memories to give us momentary satisfaction. The cheeky smile on our face when we end our sleep is the proof. Isn’t it?

There are times when we analyze our dreams, and we tend to think that this is an intuition, the debate is on.

But, there is also a perspective of subconscious thought in play during one’s sleep giving birth to a situation where it becomes challenging to differentiate between a vision and a dream.

It is the finest of lines in our minds, and sometimes they overlap in our sleep. Maybe, that is the reason for intuition. As I said earlier, the debate is on.

Nevertheless, we have the power to improve the quality of our dreams. We invariably use our senses day-in, day-out, allowing our minds to capture these moments and build a beautiful memory palace.

A daily chore performed by our conscious mind. One can choose what to experience when we are awake by using our senses consciously.

Over some time, our mind accepts these experiences and converts them to dreams, and if our conscious thought is strong, they become the truth, which is performed silently by our subconscious mind. We will talk more about the subconscious in a different blog post.

Exercise for today: A step towards better dreams.

It is usually dependent on an individual to better our quality of dreams. When we choose to experience enjoyable and pleasant moments, these turn into impressions which our minds enjoy. But, if we choose a scary or disturbing experience, these become a possible nightmare. So the choice is ours. Let us enable our dreams to flourish wisely by choosing our experience mindfully.

PS: It is our life, our experience, and our dreams. Be mindful of it to increase the happiness quotient.

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