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Products! Marketing! Sales! Millennials are the most sought-after group in the world. It is them who started to consume social media content and brand loyalty. Now, Gen Alpha give their all to convince them to buy for them.

Having an influencer younger than you is a massive advantage in tapping into this generation’s psyche. Generation Z and Alpha are no different. 

Today, in this blog, we will explore how Generation Alpha kids convince their parents to buy products in 2023 and their cheezy tactics.

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How do technology and social media influence Generation Alpha’s behavior?

Generation Alpha is the first generation of humans to exist fully in the internet age and 21st century. These days, Gen Alpha has access to high-tech devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, and social media through which they can interact with the world

Digital media has become integral in their daily lives and influences their behavior. It shapes their worldview, social interactions, and views on various issues. 

For Gen Alpha, the internet has created a safe space to express themselves freely. 

Furthermore, Generation Alpha is more open to new ideas and is more likely to experiment with new technology than previous generations. They tend to follow many influencers for their product choices.

They are also deeply connected to social media apps like YouTube, Google, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, impacting how they think about their shopping habits. This gives them transparency.

This generation is also known for its activism, which has led to social reforms like the #MeToo movement.

The psychology of persuasion and how Gen Alpha kids use it

Generation Alpha kids are inclined to break free from existing structures, making it hard to persuade them.

These kids are more social media savvy than other demographics. 

It makes them highly receptive to personalized marketing, especially when it offers something unique or exciting.

Furthermore, Gen Alpha kids also have a strong desire for independence and self-expression, which makes them responsive to ideas that promote inclusivity and individuality.

With social media usage, Gen Alphas are often concerned about privacy and online bullying.

Another factor that influences gen alpha kids’ purchasing decisions is person-to-person and social interaction. 

Many parents of Gen Alpha children believe that face-to-face interactions with brands result in better experiences for their children and ultimately win over customers. 

In today’s marketing world, personalization is the prime element of gen alpha kids’ marketing strategy. 

The younger generation has grown up with the notion that customer experience depends on individualization—customers become familiar with the brand’s values and mission through various touchpoints like advertising and customer service interactions. 

Therefore, gen alpha children respond well when brands incorporate this concept into their marketing strategies.

6 tactics used by Gen Alpha kids to convince their parents to buy

Kids and their persuasive skills! They use them to convince parents to buy into their ideas

Here are some of the tactics they’re known to use:

Demonstrating a need for an asset

Kids can make an emotional appeal using visuals, such as a video showing how beneficial a new device is in making their lives easier or brighter.

Making a case for benefits

Kids present the advantages of the asset, like the money saved on energy bills or time with the new device.

Providing proof

Kids also provide empirical evidence or statistics to support their case, like the number of people who have benefited from using that particular product.

Making an argument

Also, kids make an economic or social case for why purchasing the asset is necessary or beneficial.

  1. Gen Alpha Kids Make a compelling argument.

    Gen Alpha kids are often defiant and motivated to break free from existing structures. 

    It can benefit their development as they outgrow belief systems that their parents may attempt to instill in them. 

    Buying educational materials, like books, games, and puzzles, will help stimulate a child’s development. 

    Other activities that can help instill creativity and a sense of accomplishment in Gen Alpha kids include sports, music, and art. 

    Furthermore, by involving children in many activities and opportunities to express themselves, parents help support their child’s social and emotional growth while instilling a sense of independence and self-confidence.

  2. Gen Alpha uses the art of negotiation.

    Gen Alpha kids use many tactics to convince their parents to buy in 2023. 

    They use persuasive language and demonstrate the product’s features. 

    Gen Alpha kids have learned the art of negotiation from social media to convince their parents to buy. 

    They prepare themselves with stats and pros of the product if they really want to buy a product. 

  3. Gen Alpha’s Emotional appeals

    Gen Alpha will be less swayed by emotional marketing appeals than earlier generations. 

    Instead, they will be more receptive to watchable videos, clickable ads, polls, and other creative campaigns. 

    This generation is also likely to be defiant, so marketers should focus on the practicality of the product rather than religious or belief systems. 

    With Gen Alpha’s exposure to technology, marketers should focus on using digital approaches to target this generation. 

    To convince Gen Alpha parents to buy in 2023, marketers must tailor their marketing strategies to appeal to this generation. 

    With personalized algorithms and unique targeting methods – marketers can ensure their messages reach the right audiences. 

    This generation is super fast-paced and always on the move – so ensure to be active via social media and digital channels!

  4. Social pressure on Gen Alpha

    Gen Alpha kids can become victims of social pressure when convincing their parents to buy a product. 

    This generation is more likely to be swayed by social media posts and the opinions of their friends than older generations. 

    For marketers, when Gen Alpha parents try to talk them out of buying a product, marketers must be prepared with solid arguments that will stand up against social pressure through their content marketing efforts.

    It is a two-sided game!

  5. Gen Alpha Demonstrates the value of a product using AI.

    Gen Alpha will use AI heavily to demonstrate the value of a product. By using, for example, Gen Alpha parents can see how a product will benefit them in the long term. 

    They will also see how the product compares to similar products. 

    This generation is skeptical of sales pitches and wants proof that a product is worth buying – so marketers must provide this information in an easily-digestible way using AI technology!

    Soon, Metaverse will be a common hangout place to compare and experience the products.

    Moreover, when Baby Boomers, and Gen X were younger audiences, they did not have this option. However, they were more hands-on and compared products in-store.

  6. Persistent asking technique by Gen Alpha

    Gen Alpha kids use a variety of strategies to convince their millennial parents to buy in 2023. Persistent asking is one of the most effective strategies. 

    They may ask their parents about the potential of Gen Alpha and why they should invest in its future potential. 

    In addition, persuasive words can help win over their parents. Regardless of how you persuade your parents to buy into the Gen Alpha vision, be persistent and keep trying until the deal is complete. 

Examples of successful persuasion techniques used by Gen Alpha kids

Although, kids can use several persuasive techniques to convince parents to invest in Gen Alpha 2023. One common approach is to tell stories demonstrating the benefits of the product.

Another technique that kids use is persuasive language. They say phrases like “you will be glad you did” or “you will never regret it.” 

Kids can also tap into parents’ emotions by telling them how excited they will be about the product. 

Finally, kids need to be persistent in their efforts to convince parents to buy in 2023. They shouldn’t let parents get away until they finally agree.


There are many persuasive techniques to convince parents to buy products in 2023. Persistent asking is one of the most effective, and kids ensure to highlight the many benefits of a product. 

In addition, persuasive language can help parents feel excited, while emotional appeals can make them more likely to buy into it. Kids will be persistent in their efforts until they pay off.

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