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Have you experienced the calm waters?

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Let me give you a perspective of calm waters.

Imagine a beautiful spring day, and the valley is thriving with flowers. You are walking alongside these flowers, touching them with your palm. The purple, yellow, blue, and orange flowers welcome you.

The valley looks like a bride. After a few hours of walking along the calm valley, you see a large mountain waiting for your arrival. You hike up to reach the top of the mountain range, and a slight breeze tickles your ears.

The small scraps of cloud hovering around the mountain are trying to make a flyby. Have you experienced this?

A calm lake.
Photo by David Wirzba

The nature of calm waters.

Separating the two mountains is a glacier, melting gently to build a steady stream. Just meters away in the line of sight is a small lake that has formed from the melted glacial water.

Walking up to the lake, balancing yourself on the edge, you bend down to sense the freshness of water. The water is cold. As you see through the clear waters, you see some rocks in the lake which appear smooth and of different shapes.

At a distance, a group of Alpine chough whistles sweeeooo and enjoys the breeze, gliding with the flow of the wind.

A lot is happening around you, which amazes your mind and body. The sound of the breeze and the sound of the melting glacier match your breathing.

The constant flow of the burbling stream and water trickling into the lake speaks to your thoughts. And the distant calls of Alpine chough awaken your smile. This is calm. 

Earth has been guiding us for several million years. Ironically, we have become deaf even with a perfect pair of ears. Nature has nothing to lose, but we are wasting the teachings from it, and an opportunity to be at peace to enjoy the ultimate happiness.

The reason.

The reason, our chaotic whirlpool of social lives, we have forgotten the importance of calmness. We seem occupied with hostile thoughts, insecurity, hate, and jealousy.

We often are stuck in the whirlwind of emotions, which show no intention to stop. Conclusively, we spend our lifetime in search of peace, calm, and happiness.

We invariably have been denying the knowledge of nature by nature. Instead, we misuse the courtesy for our unworthy gains, which only encourages suffering in our minds in the form of comfort.

What is the point of all this?

Why are we not capable of understanding the simple truth of our existence?

These questions may sound foolish but are of utmost importance. We need to take a step back and look at our doings individually and course-correct as necessary. And allow ourselves to unlearn the way of suffering and learn the way of peace. 

We call ourselves intellectuals, are we?

Ask yourself, why are you here?

We are an element of creation. We need to blend with nature without disturbing the ecosystem and become part of nature’s song. Walk out of your current lifestyle and give this a thought.

You will be surprised by the capacity of your thinking. There is much much more in store than you presently think. Peace is within you, waiting for you.

PS: Find peace from within; nobody manufacture’s it.

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