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Mindful minute – a simple practice

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Leaning my back against the wall, I see the beautiful horizon being mindful.

The play of colors is underway as the sun is about to lighten the world on the other side.

The clouds look tired and have reduced their movement enabling a picturesque view.

The birds pause on distant trees as they head back to their nests.

Photo by Jason Blackeye

On my right, in the vineyards, a farmer is winding up his day, making sure his farm is well-fed with water. From the terrace of the farmer’s house in the corner, the kids shout and signal him to come inside and play with them.

The farmer smiles and acknowledges by waving back at them. A group of young women crowds the corner of the street, carrying their infants they laugh and chatter about their day. A daily evening affair, I guess.

Just above me, fluttering pigeons or the flying rats in the urban language, dive in and stare at me expressing to selves – “who is this bloke? haven’t seen him here before“.

All I do is watch them walk on the rails as they murmur concerning my existence. Seconds later, they decide to take shelter in the nearby window of a house.

Meanwhile, the play of colors gradually ends the exhibit while a bright star appears in the twilight sky. The trees swing, with the quiet wind singing the song of nature and saying goodbye to the sun thanking for the daylight.

This was a minute of mine. The mind witnessed remarkable scenes and extended feeling filled with smile, nature’s music, tweets of birds, and the sight of color at the horizon. It was a minute of practicing mindfulness and experiencing the happiness of what nature had to offer.


Practicing mindful living enables us to smile from within, welcoming every moment like a fragrance from a fresh flower.

A day stuffed with tasks,

The mind tires and asks,

Leave me alone, oh! human,

Don’t be so inhuman!

Listening to my mind, I walk out,

Giving a chance for it to sprout,

All I do is lean and see,

Counting one, two, and three!

The world unfolds in front of me,

I feel blessed with happiness, glee,

A minute it was, of mindful practice,

Now am I filled with joy and peace!

PS: Do not lose on time, live every moment mindfully.

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