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Times have changed and the world is the same for is anymore. We must show resilience to survive. This poem talks about how we can change our attitude to stay resilient, no matter what the situation is.

Be it a mild breeze or a noisy storm,
No matter what, I shall stay strong,
I will stand tall even in a thunderstorm,
Here is where I firmly belong!!

Thoughts of all kinds nests in me,
They are temporary, so are we,
I will strive to be wise and free,
It is how I can awaken the best in me!!

I may not enjoy the best of luxuries,
I may not rejoice the best of memories,
I am content and happily filled with gratitude,
I shall stay true to life as every day gets renewed!!


A lonely tree in the middle of the lake signifying resilience.
Photo by Kuno-Schweizer