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A powerful sense that most of us have and we have been using it diligently and to an extent are being unmindful of it. Seeing is the front door of a conscious mind to influence your thoughts and decisions which end up shaping our lives.

It’s no fluke that our ancestors taught us and kept repeating “seeing is believing”.

Surely, we know that it is the front door of a conscious mind, make the most of it and choose what you want to see, and what you want to believe.

Also, a virus strain has allowed us to enhance our way of life by stepping away from the chaotic world outside.

Seeing can also happen by closing our eyes or keeping it open.

When we close our eyes, we can see our memories, we feel the emotions that were experienced in the past, we review our thought process while making it mature and stronger. While your eyes are open, make it a point to see consciously.

You have the power to decide what you want to see. That is how your subconscious will influence your journey forward.

An opportunity.

21 days may be too long for some, but this is a wonderful opportunity for us to talk to ourselves and adjust our life’s course if needed.

But, some might have plans to binge-watch movies, series, cooking, gaming or even indulge in endless work-from-home setup. And, some choose to read books and journals.

While, some follow endless news channels to feed themselves with constant updates on the current situation. So, take a call on how you want to train your mind.

So, how do I change this and how much time does it take every day? I would say the first hour of your day is all it takes. 

Imagine, when you wake up, you get to see the bright sun or the sun hiding behind floating cotton patches in the sky. If you have kids, seeing how they spend their first hour of the day, the thought process.

And the way they remember their dreams and try to imitate them early morning. Imagine, your parents are busy setting up things for the day so that our lives go smoothly.

Imagine, you are alone and it’s silent all across. You hear birds chatter with their daily troubles and look out for food, water or nesting options.

Seeing is powerful and it does change our lives. It’s for us to choose what we see and how we inculcate this practice in our daily routine.

Exercise for today: Watch and Observe

Just watch any activity in front of you mindfully* for 10 mins and spend 5 mins to think if it gave you any insights or ideas or suggestions or even lessons. The results will surprise you.

A person seeing the mountains.
Photo by Milan Popovic

Happy seeing.

PS: Being mindful is the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis.

take a pause, look at your path. Course correct if required.

Krishna Yoganarasimha

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