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Time for the new Gen Alpha Slang! Have you ever been around someone younger and felt like they are speaking a familiar language but unknown to you? That’s because they probably were! Generation Alpha and Generation Z possess a new slang dictionary that confuses anyone who didn’t grow up with them.

In this blog, we’ll help you decode the slang of Gen Alpha and Z like a pro. From TikTok trends to music slang, we’ll cover everything you need to know to keep up with the latest slang trends.

Furthermore, you’ll learn about key terms, viral slang, fandom language, and punctuation slang that pop up in social media apps like TwitterFacebookYouTubeInstagram, emails, and conversations of high school kids. So buckle up to speak like a true Gen Alpha or Z!

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash Slang dictionary
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Slang Dictionary for Gen Alpha and Gen Z

Slang dictionary is not new to millennials, boomers, Gen X, or the older generations. These slang words evolve as per the generation’s preferences and the latest trends.

After millennials, Gen Z slang terms rose, and these new Gen Z slang words are now influencing Gen Alpha to come up with their variations – Gen Alpha Slang.

Furthermore, with new generations; come a new set of slang dictionary words and their tangy meanings. Gen Alpha and upcoming Beta with late Gen Zers are no exception. These tech-savvy generations have introduced new slang terms that can be hard to keep up with.

In the year 2023, the constantly changing world of generational slang has experienced a significant development with the arrival of Generation Alpha.

Just as Gen Z left its mark on language and culture, Gen Alpha is following suit with a fresh wave of slang terms, expressions, and sayings that are shaping the way we communicate.

From “Gen Alpha slang” to “Gen Alpha lingo,” this digital generation is carving out its linguistic identity in the digital age.

But don’t worry if you find yourself feeling a bit out of the loop – we’ve got you covered with the ultimate Gen Alpha and Gen Z slang dictionary.

So, here is an exhaustive and growing list of words in usage. Feel free to add new words in the comments section for us to incorporate them here.

Gen Alpha Slang Dictionary: Sigma, GYAT, Rizz, GOAT, Bussin, Skibidi, and more…

What are the new Gen Alpha slang dictionary terms used by Gen Alpha and Gen Z?

Time needed: 15 minutes

Here is the list of slang terms used by Gen Alpha and Gen Z.

Also, if you have a word that is missing from the list, add it in the comments section and we will add it to the slang dictionary.

  1. Aave

    Short for African American Vϵrnacular English, Aave refers to a dialect of English that roots in African American English. It encompasses unique vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation patterns.

  2. AF

    An abbreviation for “as f***,” emphasizing the intensity or extremity of something.

  3. AFK

    Away From Keyboard, indicating that someone is temporarily unavailable or not actively participating in an online activity.

  4. And I oop

    A Gen Alpha slang expression used to convey surprise or shock. It originated from a viral video and is humorously used when someone makes a mistake or says something unexpected.

  5. Bae

    An affectionate term for a significant other or loved one, short for “before anyone else.”

  6. Basic

    Used to describe someone or something ordinaryunoriginal, or lacking in personality.

  7. Bet

    Short for “you bet” or “you got it,” indicating agreement or confirmation. Also short synonym for “sounds good” or “OK“.

  8. Big yikes

    A Gen Alpha slang expression to emphasize a cringe-worthy or awkward situation. It signifies a significant level of discomfort or unease.

  9. Binge-watch

    To watch multiple episodes or an entire series in one sitting.

  10. Bop

    catchy or enjoyable song.

  11. Boujee

    A term derived from “bourgeois,” referring to someone or something luxurioushigh-class, or extravagant. It is used to describe a person’s expensive tastes or lavish lifestyle.

  12. Bussin

    “Bussin” is a slang term that originated in African American Vϵrnacular English (AAVE) and has gained popularity among Gen Z and Gen Alpha. It describes something, usually food, that is exceptionally delicious or flavorful. When someone says that food is “bussin,” they mean it tastes good and satisfies the palate. Also, more broadly to describe something excellentenjoyable, or exciting.

  13. Cancel culture

    The practice of withdrawing support or publicly shaming individuals or entities for their controversial or offensive actions or statements.

  14. Cap

    To lie or make false claims.

  15. Cheugy

    A term used to describe something outdateduncool, or conformist. Also, it typically refers to trends or styles that were once popular but are no longer considered trendy.

  16. Chief Keef

    A set of actions and words like “opp”, “thot”, gesturing using fingers while rapping. American Rapper Chief Keef gained popularity for his raw and gritty style.

  17. Clapback

    A quick and witty response to an insult or criticism.

  18. Clout

    Influence or popularity, often associated with social media.

  19. Clout chaser

    Someone who seeks attention or popularity by associating themselves with influential or famous individuals.

  20. Drip

    Gen Alpha Slang for someone’s fashionable or stylish outfit. It refers to having a unique and trendy sense of fashion. This word has been in the urban dictionary for a while.

  21. Dope

    Cool, excellent, or impressive.

  22. Ers

    Ers is a suffix added to words to create a playful or exaggerated variation. It is often used for humorous effects or to emphasize a specific characteristic. Also, for example, “singers” could become “sing-ers,” indicating individuals who are particularly passionate or enthusiastic about singing.

  23. Extra

    Over-the-top or excessive behavior, often used to describe someone who seeks attention.

  24. Facepalm

    A gesture or expression of frustration or disbelief, typically done by covering one’s face with a hand.

  25. Fam

    A term used to address a close group of friends or even family members.

  26. Finesse

    To skillfully navigate or manipulate a situation to one’s advantage.

  27. Finsta

    A fake Instagram account to post more personal or unfiltered content.

  28. Finesse

    To skillfully navigate or manipulate a situation to one’s advantage.

  29. Fire

    Used to describe something excellent, amazing, or impressive. Often to complement the music, fashion, or any other aspect of pop culture.

  30. Fit

    Short for an outfit. It refers to a person’s overall clothing ensemble, including clothing, shoes, and accessories.

  31. Flex

    To show off or boast about one’s achievements or possessions.

  32. FlexCulture

    The trend of showing off one’s lifestyle, achievements, or material possessions on social media.

  33. Flex time

    A flexible work schedule allows employees to choose their hours within parameters.

  34. Flex zone

    A situation or environment where people can freely show off or boast about their achievements or skills.

  35. Flexin’

    Showing off or flaunting one’s possessions or achievements.

  36. Flexitarian

    Someone who primarily follows a vegetarian diet but occasionally consumes meat or animal products.

  37. Fleek

    To be on point or look flawless.

  38. FOMO

    Fear of Missing Out, the feeling of anxiety or unease that one might miss out on something fun or interesting.

  39. FOMO

    Fear of Moving On, the reluctance or fear of letting go of a past relationship or situation.

  40. G.O.A.T.

    Acronym for “Greatest of All Time,” used to describe someone considered the best in a particular field or category.

  41. Gig economy

    A labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term or freelance work arrangements.

  42. Ghosting

    Act of suddenly and abruptly cutting off all communication with someone; typically in the context of dating or relationships.

  43. Hater

    Someone who expresses strong dislike or animosity towards a person, group, or thing.

  44. High-key

    To openly or blatantly show or express something.

  45. Humblebrag

    A form of boasting disguised as humility or a self-deprecating statement.

  46. ICYMI

    The acronym for “In Case You Missed It” is used to draw attention to something that is overlooked.

  47. Influencers

    Influencers are individuals who have gained a significant following on social media platforms and have the power to impact the opinions and purchasing decisions of their followers. They often collaborate with brands to promote products or services.

  48. Lit

    Used to describe something as exciting, fun, or highly enjoyable.

  49. Low key

    Lowkey is used to describe something that is done discreetly, subtly, or privately. It suggests that the person expressing it wants to keep the information or action relatively secret or low profile.

  50. Meme

    An image, video, or piece of text that is humorous and spreads rapidly on the internet.

  51. Noob

    A slang term for someone inexperienced.

  52. OMG

    Acronym for “Oh My God” or “Oh My Gosh,” expressing surprise, excitement, or disbelief.

  53. On fleek

    Used to describe something that is perfectly styled, groomed, or presented.

  54. Outfit of the day (OOTD)

    A phrase used on social media to showcase one’s daily fashion ensemble.

  55. Periodt

    An emphatic way to end a statement, indicating that it is definitive and final. It is often used to express strong agreement or to emphasize a point.

  56. Phishing

    The fraudulent practice of attempting to obtain sensitive information, like passwords or credit card details, by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity in electronic communication.

  57. Rap

    A genre of music characterized by rhythmic and rhyming speech patterns, often performed over a musical beat. It originated in African American communities and has since become a prominent expression worldwide.

  58. Rapper

    An artist who specializes in creating and performing rap music. Rappers typically deliver lyrics with a distinct rhythmic flow and often address many topics, including personal experiences, social issues, and storytelling.

  59. Rickrolled (verb)

    A Gen Alpha slang term that describes tricking or pranking someone by redirecting them to the music video for Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Also, it is commonly used as a playful way to surprise or entertain friends online.

  60. Savagϵ

    Describes someone who is exceptionally cool, confident, or fearless. It can also refer to a bold or audacious action or remark.

  61. Selfie

    A self-portrait photograph taken with a smartphone or digital camera, typically shared on social media.

  62. Simp

    Originally derived from “simpleton,” it refers to someone, usually a man, who is overly submissive or attentive to someone they are attracted to. Furthermore, it can carry both positive and negative connotations, depending on the context.

  63. Sksksk

    An expression often used in text messaging or online conversations to indicate laughter or excitement. It is commonly associated with the VSCO.

  64. Slay

    To excel or succeed impressively, often used about personal style or performance.

  65. Snacks

    A term used to describe someone attractive or physically appealing. It implies that the person is visually appealing, like a tasty snack.

  66. Squad

    A close-knit group of friends or associates.

  67. Spill the tea

    To share or reveal gossip or information, especially that which is juicy or scandalous. It is used when someone wants to know the details of a particular situation or wants to hear the latest news.

  68. Stan

    To be an extremely devoted and enthusiastic fan of someone or something.

  69. Sus

    Short for suspicious. It refers to something or someone that is perceived as strange, questionable, or untrustworthy.

  70. Swipe right/left

    Actions used on dating apps to indicate interest (swipe right) or disinterest (swipe left) in another user.

  71. Throw shade

    To make disrespectful or critical remarks about someone indirectly or subtly.

  72. TL;DR

    Acronym for “Too Long; Didn’t Read,” used to summarize a lengthy piece of text or provide a concise version of the information.

  73. Triggered

    To become strongly and negatively affected emotionally by something, often used sarcastically to mock exaggerated reactions.

  74. Troll

    Someone who deliberately provokes or antagonizes others online by posting inflammatory or offensive comments.

  75. Vibe Check

    A figurative assessment of the emotional or social atmosphere. It involves evaluating the overall mood or energy of a situation or group of people.

  76. Viral

    Something that spreads rapidly and widely across the internet or social media platforms.

  77. Wigs

    An exclamation used to express extreme surprise or excitement. It implies that something is so astonishing that it causes one’s metaphorical wig to fly off their head.

  78. Woke

    Being aware and informed, especially regarding social and political issues.

  79. Yeet

    A versatile exclamation or verb used to express excitement, enthusiasm, or forcefully throw or propel something. It gained popularity through viral videos and is now used in various contexts.

  80. YOLO

    Acronym for “You Only Live Once,” often used to justify or encourage impulsive or risky behavior.

  81. Zygote (noun)

    A playful term used by Gen Alpha to refer to someone new, inexperienced, or naive. It is often used in a lighthearted and teasing manner. Similar to calling someone a “rookie” or a “newbie.”

  82. Context Clues

    “Context clues” refer to information or hints provided within a passage or sentence that help readers understand the meaning of unfamiliar words or phrases.

  83. Preppy

    A term used to describe someone who has a sophisticated and stylish fashion sense, often associated with a particular social group or lifestyle.

  84. Sick

    A slang term used to express admiration or approval for something that is cool, impressive, or exciting.

  85. Peeps

    A casual term referring to people or individuals in general, often used in a friendly or familiar context.

  86. On Fleek

    A phrase used to describe something that is flawlessly perfect, particularly in terms of appearance or style.

  87. Mingle

    To engage in social activities or interact with others, often in a casual or relaxed setting, to meet new people and form connections.

  88. Lit

    A slang term used to describe something that is highly exciting, thrilling, or enjoyable.

  89. Kicks

    A slang term for shoes, often used to refer to trendy or fashionable footwear.

  90. Jelly

    Short for “jealous,” this term is used to express envy or a feeling of being envious of someone or something.

  91. Hoot

    A slang term that refers to an enjoyable and entertaining experience, often used to describe a fun or hilarious situation.

  92. Hang Loose

    A phrase used to encourage someone to relax, take it easy, or adopt a laid-back attitude.

  93. Down

    A term used to indicate agreement, approval, or being in favor of something, often used in informal or casual conversations.

  94. Hits Different

    A slang phrase to describe a unique or intensified emotional response to something. It implies that the experience or feeling generated by a particular thing, situation, or moment is distinct and more impactful than usual.

  95. Tween

    Tween is a colloquial term used to describe individuals who are in the transitional phase between childhood and adolescence. This stage typically encompasses pre-adolescence, spanning the ages of approximately 9 to 12 years old. The term “tween” is a blend of the words “between” and “teen,” signifying this intermediary stage of development.

  96. Well Duh

    “Well Duh” is an expression used to emphasize the obviousness of a statement or situation. It conveys a sense of agreement or acknowledgment of something that is self-evident.

  97. Dump Clutch

    “Dump Clutch” is a slang term used in the context of racing or driving. It refers to the act of disengaging the clutch quickly, often to accelerate suddenly. In a broader sense, it can also mean taking swift and decisive action.

  98. Bookie

    A “bookie” is a colloquial term for a bookmaker, someone who takes bets on sports or other events. It’s commonly used in the context of gambling and betting.

  99. Dupe

    “Dupe” is a shortened form of the word “duplicate.” In slang, it refers to a situation where someone has been deceived or tricked into believing something that is not true or has been fooled by a fake or counterfeit item.

  100. Dunny

    In Australian slang, a “dunny” is a term for a toilet or bathroom.

  101. Rizz

    “Rizz” is a slang term that can have various meanings depending on the context. It can refer to something cool, good person, stylish, or impressive. It’s often used to express admiration or approval for someone or something.

  102. Satire

    Satire is like poking fun at someone or something in a clever way to make them seem silly, all while trying to make people laugh and maybe even show them up a bit.

  103. Fanum tax

    The new Gen Alpha Slang dictionary term “Fanum tax” is derived from the comedy creator Fanum, a part of the influencer group AMP associated with streamer Kai Cenat. This phrase describes the humorous act of Fanum playfully “taxing” fellow AMP members in 2022, which involved lightheartedly taking portions of their food while they were eating. This concept is documented in the digital culture resource KnowYourMeme.

  104. Don’t be Cringe

    A Gen Alpha slang term which means to advise someone not to behave in an awkward, embarrassing, or uncool manner. It’s a way of suggesting that a person should avoid doing things that might make them appear socially inept or out of touch with current trends or norms.

  105. GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)

    “GOAT” is an acronym that stands for “Greatest of All Time.” It is used to refer to someone or something that is considered the best or most outstanding in their field, surpassing all others in terms of talent, skill, or achievements. The term is commonly used in sports and entertainment to describe legendary athletes, musicians, actors, or any individual who has achieved a level of excellence that is unparalleled.

  106. Ratio’d

    Experiencing a “ratio” is generally considered an unfavorable situation, indicating that your social media comment has garnered more negative interactions than positive ones.

  107. Lore

    “Lore” refers to the background information and historical context surrounding something or someone. Completely different from the generic meaning. For Gen Alpha, it means the backstory of someone or something.

  108. GYAT (Get Your Act Together)

    An acronym commonly used in a motivational context to encourage someone to organize their thoughts, actions, or plans, and to start making progress towards their goals or responsibilities. It serves as a reminder to be more focused, disciplined, and effective in one’s efforts.

    For example, if someone is procrastinating on an important project, you might say, “You need to GYAT and finish that report by the deadline.

  109. GYAT (Goddamn, You Are Thick)

    It’s like a quick ‘god***n!’ that guys often say when they spot a really attractive woman.

  110. Sigma

    A term used by Gen Alpha as a slang to refer to someone who portrays themselves as dominant and a leader within a group or social setting. They say, “I wanna be your sigma.

  111. Bruh

    Bruh, a versatile term originating from “brother,” has evolved into a dynamic interjection within Gen Alpha’s lexicon. This succinct expression serves as a linguistic chameleon, capable of conveying a spectrum of emotions including exasperation, excitement, embarrassment, or surprise.

    Its adaptability transcends gender, making it a go-to exclamation for anyone navigating the unpredictable landscape of life.

    Use it when facepalming at a blunder, celebrating a triumph, or simply caught off guard by the unexpected, “Bruh” is your linguistic sidekick.

  112. Laughing emoji

    According to Gen Alpha, using the crying emoji or the skull emoji is more appropriate for expressing laughter. The laughing emoji is considered outdated.

  113. Okay period

    Gen Alpha uses as a way of underscoring what someone said or expressing agreement.

  114. Delulu

    Definition: (noun) A term embraced by Gen-Z as a form of self-care, originally associated with negative connotations related to obsessive K-pop fandom. It now carries a positive spin, signifying a confident expression of oneself in public spaces, challenging societal norms with unparalleled confidence.

  115. To Serve

    Definition: (verb) In Gen-Z slang, no longer implying literal service. It now signifies looking exceptionally good or stylish.

  116. It’s Giving

    Definition: (phrase) Has evolved to mean emulation or comparison.

  117. Slap

    Definition: (verb) No longer denoting violence. In Gen-Z slang, it conveys that something is exceptionally good or impressive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s after Generation Alpha?

As of now, there is no official term for the generation after Gen Alpha. However, some have started using “Gen Alpha 2.0” or “Gen Beta.” It will take several years before a clear generational shift becomes apparent and a new term arrives.

Will Generation Alpha change the world?

It’s difficult to predict the future, but Gen Alpha’s unique upbringing and access to technology may shape the world in unprecedented ways. As they continue to grow and develop, we can expect them to make meaningful contributions in various fields, from technology and science to social activism and art. Only time will tell how their impact will be.

Meanwhile, you can explore the world of Gen Alpha via articles here.

What are generation alpha characteristics?

Generation Alpha kids, born between 2010 to 2025, are known for their exposure and familiarity with technology from a very young age. They are also the most diverse generation yet in terms of ethnicity, culture, and family structures.

Gen Alpha kids are characterized by their creativity, independence, and global consciousness. They are expected to be socially aware and environmentally conscious. As they grow up, they will face unique challenges such as automation, climate change, and the need for digital literacy.

Explore this detailed article on Generation Alpha characteristics.

What are generation alpha core values?

Some experts predict that due to Gen Alpha’s exposure to diversity and technology, they may value inclusivity, innovation, and social responsibility.

Additionally, as they face challenges like climate change and automation, they may also prioritize environmental sustainability and digital literacy.

Here are the 6 core values of generation alpha along with the slang dictionary used by Gen Z and Gen Alpha.


The world of slang dictionary is constantly evolving, and Gen Alpha and Z have added their unique terms to the mix. From viral phrases like “yeet” and “wigs” to socially conscious terms like “woke,” these buzzwords have become a part of our everyday language.

Gen Alpha, born between 2010 and 2025, is ushering in a new era of communication that’s heavily influenced by the digital world they’ve grown up in. From “Robo-speak” to “Holo-slang,” their vocabulary is teeming with terms that reflect their tech-savvy upbringing.

Meanwhile, Gen Z continues to expand its lexicon with ever more creative expressions that challenge the boundaries of language.

With our Gen Alpha and Gen Z slang dictionary, you can navigate this linguistic landscape with ease, whether you’re a parent trying to understand your tech-savvy child or a member of an older generation eager to stay in the loop.

Explore the Gen Alpha slang quiz, decode Gen Z terms, and delve into the linguistic journey that bridges the gap between generations, all while staying updated on the latest trends in communication.

As we look ahead to what’s after Generation Alpha, one thing is clear: the evolution of language is an exciting journey that connects generations and brings us closer together in the digital age.

So, whether you’re a true gen alpha/gen zer or just trying to keep up with the latest trends, take the slang quiz and see how well you fare. But remember, even if you don’t know all the lingo, stay open-minded and keep learning about the world around us.

Also, don’t forget to contribute your words to this slang dictionary.

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