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Up in the mountains, away from the noisy and glary city lights, imagine sitting on a rock, watching the clouds float by us. We smile, yes, from within.

After a hard day’s work, tired and hopeless, we come home to see a child’s innocent smile. We smile, yes, from within.

So, there are lots of these similar moments in our lives we can account for, where we smile from within. Then, these become happy memories, enabling us to recall these moments anytime. We feel our happiness has multiplied many times over, and the need to keep recalling these times, again and again, is a bliss.

This momentary state of happiness is so important and a key to our living. Mastering this state in any situation or suffering in life is the road to enlightenment.

Smile of a child.
Photo by Jessica Rockowitz 

Our lives are woven in such intricate ways that by the time we gain an understanding, we are already locked up in infinite loops of emotions, relations and otherworldly matters. We often end up on crossroads, where we are left to decide to choose between a world of simple living and a world of comfort living. 


In fact, the differences are poles apart in both the ways of living. But, simple living is about we being mindful of attachments, reducing complexity, clutter, distraction, staying away from busyness, and saying no to the constant need of unmindful habits. Ideally, a minimalistic life is that which helps us concentrate on being happy and gratified.

On the other hand, comfort is really simple for us. We are foolishly busy with various activities – be it at home or work or anywhere else. Moreover, it is about getting things done rather than doing it ourselves. It is about the constant desire for attention and care. It is about feeding the craving for emotions. Also, comfort living usually elevates uncalled behaviors in us like greed, fancy for fame, even angst and jealousy.

Living a simple life takes effort. The most difficult task is letting go of our relations, wants, emotions, and comforts – mindfully. Once this becomes a practice, happiness surrounds us, our health is manageable, and most importantly we start living mindfully. We would have built a habit of enjoying every little thing around us with a smile. Yes, from within.


Life is not a race,

Indulge it with grace,

Take it slow and breathe in deep,

Don’t fall prey to comfort heap!

A simple life is happy and pure,

That is the comfort’s only cure,

Every moment from within, you smile,

Changes your way and your lifestyle!

Exercise for today: What can you let go of your lifestyle?

In the world of convenience that you are surrounded by, it is difficult to differentiate what is “comfort” and what is “simple”? Take time and decide what are those practices that you can let go of easily? Start with those and then take the next step.

PS: Smile from within. It costs nothing.

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