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The precious moment “NOW”

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Nobody is perfect – there have been times in the past when “now” had messed up a little. It is a learning curve for each one of us from birth until death. This is how one’s precious moment and purpose in life is defined. 

A brief look at the past gives us numerous indications that we could have done better, and the present would have been something else.

Maybe, that is the truth but we can never know as we cannot modify our past. We live in a 3-dimensional world where the 4th dimension “time” can only move forward.


A learning to be in this moment

When I was young, I learned the art of Indian classical dance and was provided with an opportunity to perform on stage, solo. That was a big event for me, but things didn’t go as well as expected.

I had messed it up by running away from the stage during the performance when i had failed to recall the moves from my practice sessions. One can call it was nervousness or lack of practice. But the “now” was messed up then.

I looked at it as a learning. This event taught me an essential lesson on “preparedness”.

As years pass by and we gather learning, it becomes imperative to respect the present moment. This defines how we develop our lives, how mindful we will be, and how our eventuality may look like. That is the power of “now”.

We are all prisoners of time. We cannot change the past or see the future. But can define the present from the learnings of the past and shaping the future indirectly.

All we need to do is wisely use this precious moment “now” to place ourselves in a better tomorrow that we plan to be. The future is no miracle – it is a consequence of our actions in the present and learnings from the past.

Let us make use of this moment “now” in a way that we don’t regret it later instead, we feel proud of it.

Hence being conscious and making mindful choices in the “now” becomes necessary as we won’t get another chance.

Are there instances from your past that you think could have been better? Of course, you do, we all do.

Exercise for today: Be conscious and make mindful choices

Human minds are never idle. We are slumped with ideas, thoughts, and actions all the time. Spend time to make mindful choices even if it is hard as they will for the sure shape our tomorrow for better.

PS: Positively, “now” is what we can regulate to an extent. Make the most of this precious moment.

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