Introducing Claude 2

Anthropic has released a much awaited Claude2. With Constitutional AI built in, Claude is designed to reduce brand risk. Best in class data retention, and no training on your data.

Clever model with HHH

Leading the industry with 100K+ token windows, Claude can handle complex multi-step instructions over large amounts of content.

Best Customer Service Agent

Claude ensures speedy and friendly resolution to customer service requests, saving costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Claude2 Skills

- Process heavy text. - Have natural human conversations. - Extensive generation knowledge for quick answers. - Automate workflows with logical scenarios.

Claude2 Login

Claude 2 is currently available for US and UK regions. It is an easy process to get early access to the product. Check out the detailed article.

Know Constitutional AI Concept

Do you know the how constitutional AI works? Here is the detailed article with workflow to understand the concept of Constitutional AI.