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The way our senses react to the beauty of someone or something that catches our eye is similar to how we feel when looking at a beautiful landscape. The human brain responds in much the same way to both things; it gives you an instant reaction, but only until the other half of your brain makes you put your guard down and stop thinking about it.

Let us first understand what lust is.

Lust is a physical and emotional state of wanting self-satisfaction. It is an intense attraction to satisfy our ego’s insatiable desires. The lustful state of mind is usually not accompanied by rational thinking, but it is triggered by our subconscious when we encounter something that stimulates the senses.

Our five senses are always in the pursuit of gratification and satisfaction. They are responsible for the attraction of lust, but they do not cause it. Lust is an unconscious reaction to stimuli that has made us fall in love with someone or something.

a modern art signifying the mix of our senses.
Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

How does it work?

Lust is an intoxicating power, and it’s hard to ignore its call. It is a feeling induced by our senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. It becomes activated when these senses get stimulated by our sensory devices. It is necessary to understand how lust works to help ourselves overcome it.

The five senses work together as a team, but they each have their functions and abilities.

For example, the sense of sight lures us towards material objects. Through the sense of hearing, we look forward to hearing the words of flattery and soulful music. Our sense of smell and taste pulls us towards the aroma and flavors of the food and drink we consume. The function of touch gives us satisfaction for immoderate physical comfort. Lust is not a moral issue, but it does have some significant effects on our personality. When we feel the desire, our mind and body experience unlimited energy and power.

Some people argue that we cannot ever win over our five senses. However, others contend that we have the power to control what we pay attention to and what we do not.

In conclusion

Lust is a powerful force that holds sway over our actions and thoughts. It’s hard to break this partnership, but we can learn to master it. The key lies in understanding how lust works and applying the lessons we’ve learned about it throughout history. Let us know in the comments below if you think we can ever break this partnership of lust and our five senses.

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