“Talking to self, isn’t madness.

-Krishna Yoganarasimha

Hoomale (loosely translates to “the shower of flowers“) welcomes all the Generation Alpha inspirers to explore and probe the full range of human emotions and discuss the future. The members of Generation Alpha are undoubtedly the digital handshakers of the new era. They will become an inspiration for the technological future.

Hoomale attempts to empower all members of generation alpha to create and inspire new thoughts. It is a platform to prepare your minds for the future of corporates and build a charismatic persona. Hoomale helps you decode how millennials and Gen Z contribute as they prepare to hand over the baton of the future to you. 

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Hoomale Generation Alpha

We are excited to launch the Hoomale blog series, which will offer you a range of intriguing and engaging topics to help you understand life in the simplest way. Be it personal growth or pragmatic advice – we hope you’ll find everything you need on our blog!

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