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It is a busy world out there. And all of us are trying to outlive each other in this global race. But our younger generation is lost in this chaos. Many are trying to figure out alone to define a successful life. “your BLACK DIARY” is their helping hand.

In this practical world, the new age parents have little time to impart life lessons to their children. And there is a need to bestow practical knowledge of life to our kids and teens so they won’t get lost in this hectic world. One of the most important things we can do for our kids is to equip them with practical knowledge. So they don’t end up in a life of trouble.


The book “your BLACK DIARY”

“your BLACK DIARY” starts with an introductory chapter to set the base of who we are and why we are here for the reader. It clearly defines how our religions and scientific advancements walk hand-in-hand while we evolve as a race. From there, the book moves to the first chapter of ‘Movers and shakers.’ This chapter introduces the reader to the mindset of the intellectuals, further strengthening the base.

The book progresses to carry the reader from learning who an intellectual is to becoming an intellectual. The book then explores the techniques for controlling distracted minds by engaging the reader in activities and explaining the distraction transition pattern. After which, the book teaches the concepts of concentration and self-discipline by introducing the concentration model, self-discipline dimensions, and activities to implement these learnings.

From here,

The book moves to instill principles and ethics that form the base of what is right and how to live righteously. Once the reader has grasped the essence of the principles and ethics, they will now define their purpose with an engaging series of activities. It will help them to arrive at their purpose chakra. The reader will also learn the emphasis of employing silence in life and learn to fail happily in life’s journey.

The next portion of the book deals with living life to its fullest by understanding how to live independently. After that, the book guides our young readers on how to detach while unlocking happiness with a secret tradition I follow for a healthy lifestyle. The readers also learn the techniques to let go of our need for materialistic happiness that will help to control emotions and deal with them effectively from attention seekers.

“your BLACK DIARY” concludes with a note on “Smile” that sums up everything covered in the book, providing learners a blueprint for their future journey.

Purpose of writing “your BLACK DIARY”

“your BLACK DIARY” is a humble and diligent effort to share practical life lessons with our younger generation and guide parents to provide a better future for their children. This book is an invaluable guide to controlling distracted minds and living a meaningful life.

It is my contagious passion to share positive principles, ethics, guidance, and activities that will help readers succeed in every aspect of life- whether it be work, relationships, or health. Readers are challenged to adopt new habits that can change the trajectory of their lives for the better.

This practical guidebook will equip the younger generation with the skills needed to not just survive but thrive in today’s fast-paced world without sacrificing quality time with family and friends or succumbing to the distractions of technology.

You will find the book refreshing with a relatable writing style that will inspire you to make significant changes in your and others’ lives, starting with developing more gratitude and self-awareness.

“your BLACK DIARY” is a guidebook that anyone can use regardless of age or income.

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What’s in it for you?

While you easily learn the concepts of peaceful living, you will also have the power to create an impact on our younger generation, especially the generation alpha. They are the ones whom we will pass on the baton to.

Consider gifting this book to the next child you meet. It may be a birthday you attend or meeting your nephew or niece – they must read this book. 

When you do this, you will make a difference by helping them unlock their potential and become invincible. 

Imagine how grateful they would feel a few years from now. They will thank you for gifting them a guide that changed their course of life to better living. We will together see the world change for the better. 

Watching the world change for the better will help me fulfill my purpose as we prepare our youngsters to take care of themselves while caring for nature.

My action

For every 1000 books sold, I will personally gift this book to kids and young adults in the nearby villages where I live (The Himalayas). For me, everyone has the right to learn the secrets of life. And everyone has the right to live happily. 

I am a retired corporate professional by choice. And I aim to help the community to realize their true potential one generation at a time.

So, this is my humble request to join hands with me and help me fulfill my purpose.

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