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The notion that “I know it all” is common in humans. No matter how hard we try, someone or the other will end up believing this myth and leads a miserable life under this cloak.

A simple fact that we are the new kids of the block in the journey of cosmos makes us realize our place and how much we know. Scientists from all fields of life are continuously working hard to extract pieces from the past to build a timeline.

No matter how hard they try the information will be incomplete are there will be areas that we will never be able to explore. Similarly, some scientists look at the possibility of the future for our species.

To some extent, it is possible but most of it ends up in the lap of science fiction or fantasy. And we do not have the technology to get there yet. But one day our next generations might.

While our race struggles to figure out the dimension of “time” whilst stuck in the present, we often forget to identify the importance and the purpose of us being here.

Why are we here?

The truth is, we don’t know. All we have been able to decode is we are a kind of life form calling ourselves intellectuals and are bound to stay on a speck of dust floating in the cosmic arena of emptiness (so we call it!).

There is so much out there, above our atmosphere and the secrets are secured. It’s like a game until you finish a certain level, the next levels remain locked.

Until we figure out our current level we will never be able to see what is ahead of us.

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Hence, surviving in the myth: I know it all, maybe termed foolishness.

But being humble to what we are and being open to new learnings at every phase of life is important. (you can make assumptions with the current situation, you will agree with me)

We don’t have a choice. We are here to learn and explore and we will do diligently until the race survives.

Remember, we are just a blip so minuscule on the cosmic timeline that there is nobody out there to care for us. Let’s care for each other here on this planet called Earth for now. 

Exercise for today: Realise how much you know.

Forget about those degrees and certifications, they are just the outcome of basics like a kid crawling, standing and walking. Now is the time to learn more and clear the myth.

Today ask yourself how much knowledge have you gathered and how much you have figured out about the life you live. Take 5 minutes and think, are there ways to better it by simple fixes? are there ways to better it by learning something new? Go ahead explore, make sure to keep it simple.

Happy contemplating!

PS: Life has always been evolving. Let’s unfold with it.

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