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We seem to be in a hurry to fast forward human life and to see what happens next. It’s like an amalgamation of “hurry sickness” and “FOMO”. And the most disturbing part is, we are very much aware of this situation and continue to live like this.

Man running in his life.
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It’s been around 2.5 million years that we as a race started to evolve into a homo group of species separating from the chimpanzees. Now, that’s a long time and I hope you agree with me.

We have been patient all this time by being supportive of nature and abiding by the rules of it. It seemed like a joyful time for the mind.

So, how was life back then?

What happened in the last 300 years? did our race get a shot of knowledge steroids? did we get greedy for power? we have been abusing our natural resources in a bid to empty it in the next few decades.

National Intelligence Council Report (NICR) indicates that we humans will fight amongst ourselves in a hurry to take control of natural resources – to feel the power and feed our ego.

It’s like an army of caterpillars set out to eat up a tree and to rest in a cocoon. At least they seem to have a purpose, they will transform into a beautiful butterfly or a moth. But why are we undergoing this syndrome? I have failed to understand.

I feel humanity is buried under the cloak of misdirection, marching us away from finding our true purpose.

On the other hand, some people try to put some sense into the misdirected group so that they don’t end up depleting the resources available for the upcoming generations.

Sometimes evolution teaches us a lot about life

I think, the evolution does take a call to re-educate the dominant species of the planet, to remind its capability. It looks like the series of viruses appearing as part of evolution (highly debatable) since the last 50 years is part of nature’s curriculum.

Just not this, nature has other backup plans in its sleeve too, like asteroids, earthquakes, and the regulars.

When will we understand that there is nowhere else to go and we have to live with these limited resources to survive as a species? We can still lead a life in peace with nature.

Evolution is a reality, like how we have transformed into humans from the apes. Someday a new species will lead the way in the mammalian group replacing us. It is just a matter of time. Until then we need to stop being irresponsible towards nature.

Exercise for today: Being a part of nature.

We are all contributors to this situation in one way or the other. We are pampered with a lot of services and resources for our consumption. Do take some time to think about how our consumption levels disregard nature and deplete our resources? Let us be mindful of what we use and how we use it. It is time to take a stand for nature, be innovative (may require a few dollars more) to help nature thrive and in turn help us survive.

PS: We need to be responsible if we care for our species survival and make way for new generations and advanced evolutions. They must experience a better life.

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