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Our minds are woven in such a way that we feel fulfilled when we are fed appropriately with certain feelings. These have enhanced since the days we started to socialize with fellow humans and formed communities. So, praise, pride, and pain matters a lot.


Being one of the key factors for how one’s life is defined and how other’s life is influenced by someone who has an abundance of it matters a lot. We constantly lookout for praise in various forms. 

If we are an employee of an establishment, we endeavour for both monetary and non-monetary praise – as it feeds our intellect and also motivates us to do more.

If we are a household person, we constantly look out for verbal and physical praise from our family, relatives, and neighbours. Most of the times we do not showcase this feeling due to a strong pull of insecurity.


It’s like walking on the edge of a newly sharpened sword. There is this fear of bruising or falling over, but still, we go asking for it.

Be it a professional career or our journey, wherever we are, whatever we do, we need to be respected always, that is a constant need sitting in the front row of your mind.

We keep looking for it and there are high chances that we drift towards where pride is available and achievable. In a case where it gets tedious, we also don’t hesitate to fight for it.

This has been a reason for most of the wars that humans have fought and witnessed. The recent being our world wars.


Though we evade being in this situation, we hardly have a choice.

This is an unsaid attachment to all factors of the mind that we experience in our lifetime. As a human tendency, we constantly run away from it or hide the pain from the rest of the world, but it does the damage once it takes over our mind.

The truth is, pain always teaches us more than any other feeling. Pain helps us to make mature decisions, in turn, making us responsible and accountable for our actions. That is the beauty of pain.

It is key for all of us to embrace these feelings as they come to you. Furthermore, it makes us stronger and as time passes, we learn how to deal with these with the right balance.

It is necessary we all experience these as early as possible in our lives to lead a simple yet fulfilled life.

Generation alpha, the next gen kids will have to juggle and experience this.

Exercise for today: Respecting the P’s

At any given point, we all are experiencing one of these, be mindful and accept them wholeheartedly and be open for learning. It gets easier and we become knowledgeable when we allow these feelings to play their part. However, always remember to make conscious decisions after contemplation. There is no need to be in a hurry, no matter the situation. 

Enjoy the feelings and read more on this Hoomale

PS: The grass looks greener always on the other side but never is.

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