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Everyone has coworkers who don’t like them, and everyone has their own way of handling that. In fact, everyone has their own unique formula for getting through the day without having it ruin their mood or productivity. 

Some people cope by keeping to themselves, others make jokes to lighten the mood, and some seek sympathy from others in the office. 

What if you were someone who took it personally? Or maybe you’re new to the office and don’t have the best coping mechanism. 

Fear not – we’ve got you covered. Today, we will discuss the best ways to deal with difficult people who dislike you.

How To Deal With Coworkers Who Dislike You
How To Deal With Coworkers Who Dislike You

But First, here are the signs that a coworker dislikes you

If a coworker doesn’t like you, there could be many reasons. For instance, they may not appreciate what you do or have an issue with your personality. Whatever the reason may be, watch for these signs.

  • Unexplained tense body language like side-eyed glances or exaggerated sighs in your presence.
  • Taking credit for your work.
  • Not maintaining eye contact when talking to you.
  • Little to no smiling in your presence.
  • Exclusion from conversations or activities.

So, try and address the issue as soon as possible. It will help prevent any bad feelings between you and the person.

Possible reasons why a coworker might not like you

Negative attitude and complaining – Coworkers with a negative attitude can be a disaster to any team. These people complain incessantly and are generally negative in their outlook.

Taking credit for others’ work – Some team members take credit for the hard work and achievements of other coworkers. Moreover, they don’t hesitate to discredit the efforts of others. This behavior can lead to resentment among the rest of the team members.

Negative attitude – Some coworkers are known to promote negativity, even if it adversely affects their coworkers’ performance. These individuals do this because they feel threatened by the high performers on the team. Their constant negativity can create an environment of high stress for everyone else.

Being overconfident and bossy – Cocky and boastful coworkers may be a source of irritation to everyone else on the team. If you are like them, reduce your ego and be a positive influence.

Finally, insulting and taunting coworkers is not a work ethic.

4 Proven Strategies to Deal with Coworkers Who Don’t Like You

Time needed: 5 minutes

If you feel like a coworker doesn’t like you, approach the issue with the below-proven strategies.

  1. Be Professional

    By default, you tend to maintain respect and decorum in the workplace. You focus on your work responsibility and avoid gossip, drama, and office politics. Most importantly, you take account of what you do. 

    When you do the above, you indirectly nullify the dislike impact and send a strong message that you are ignorant of the negative vibe at the workplace.

    – Maintaining a professional attitude will minimize the dislike of your coworkers.
    – Avoid gossip, drama, and office politics. Focus on your work responsibilities. 
    – Take accountability for what you do to send a positive message to the coworker who doesn’t like you.

  2. Be direct and clear

    Sometimes, being professional might not be enough. You may want to be more direct and clear when communicating with your coworkers. 

    In a working setup, the team will usually tackle a single goal. So, keeping this in mind, address the issue then and there when it arises.

    Also, be assertive and not aggressive in all your communications. Avoid confrontation! It is of no advantage to you, ever!

    Furthermore, refrain from spreading negativity or ill comments in the workplace. And find common ground to interact well with your coworkers.

    – Address the issue when it arises.
    – Be assertive in your communications. 
    – Don’t be aggressive or confrontational. 
    – Avoid negativity and ill comments. Find common ground with coworkers.

  3. Build Relationships with Coworkers

    See, it’s natural to want to avoid coworkers who dislike you. At the same time, be proactive and connect well. So, how do you do this?

    Look for opportunities where you can show interest in your coworkers’ work. Proactively offer help if your coworker is struggling, do not overdo it. When you are within limits, you indirectly build trust and rapport with them.

    Furthermore, there is no harm in being friendly, no matter what. In fact, it always is advantageous.

    – Be proactive in showing interest in your co-worker’s work.
    – Offer help when needed, but don’t overdo it. 
    – There is no harm in being friendly – even if the person you dislike is.

  4. Take Care of Yourself

    Above all, your mental health matters. So, be alert and tackle the challenges of your job. 

    The best way to do this is by acting graciously in success and offering help when needed. 

    When a coworker is struggling or exhibiting jealousy – be kind and take space. Besides, jealousy does not reflect their true feelings for the job. It may be an expression of their frustration.

    Be polite and civil and offer support.

    According to Forbes, stay away from negative behaviors and micromanagers. They are of no help in your professional journey. 

    – Be alert and ready to tackle the challenges of your job, but also take time out to recharge.
    – Don’t be a negative person or micromanager – they offer no help in your professional journey.
    – Act graciously in success and offer help when needed; remember, it’s not about you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I deal with coworkers who constantly criticize me?

First, try to understand the intention behind their criticism. Is it constructive or purely negative? If it’s constructive, take their feedback into consideration and strive to improve. However, if it’s purely negative and unjustified, don’t let it affect your self-esteem. Remember to focus on your strengths and continue doing your job to the best of your abilities.

What can I do if a coworker spreads rumors about me?

If a coworker is spreading rumors about you, address the situation calmly and professionally.

– Gather evidence to support your side of the story if possible.
– Approach the coworker directly and privately to try to understand why they are spreading rumors.

It might be helpful to have a mediator present during this conversation.

If the issue persists or becomes serious, consider discussing it with your supervisor or HR department for further assistance in resolving the matter. Remember to focus on maintaining your professionalism throughout this process and not let the rumors affect your work performance.

Should I leave my job because my coworkers dislike me?

Deciding whether or not to leave your job because your coworkers dislike you is a personal decision that requires careful consideration. While it can be challenging to work in an environment where you feel disliked, it’s important to assess the overall impact on your well-being and professional growth.

Consider the following factors before making a decision:

– Professional growth
– Work environment
– Opportunities for advancement
– Relationship with your supervisor


There is no need to prove if someone dislikes you or not. It is a waste of your energy. But you can deal with using the above strategies.

Some people dislike you for your behavior, some for being too good at your job, and others because of your work ethic.

Regardless of the reason, address any grievances you may have upfront. If this doesn’t work, it may be time to involve an HR manager or seek the benefit of the doubt to avoid further conflict. 

While it may be tempting to react negatively or take the wrong way out, be the bigger person and approach the situation with kindness and reasoning. 

If nothing works and you are in a last resort, look for a new job. There are always endless possibilities.

When working on projects with people who dislike you, maintain a professional attitude and look good in front of your team.

Instead, be collaborative and complete your tasks with your colleagues. If necessary, involve an HR manager – they can help you navigate the situation. Build a work environment for a healthy relationship.

Remember, holistically, take the high road, and be kind.

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