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What is anger?

Anger is an emotion that can be very destructive. It can lead to behaviors inviting physical violence, fight, verbal abuse, or hurtful actions against others.

Many people experience anger in their lives. It is a normal human emotion, but many do not know how to deal with it. So, here are seven tips on how to train your mind and deal with it healthily without. a fight.

Different people experience anger in different ways. Anger comes from being frustrated, hurt, or scared. If we cannot sense these emotions, it may mean there are issues with our minds. Sometimes the feeling of anger does not come when you want it.

1. Understanding anger and being aware: 

We are not always angry, right! So, instead of aimlessly swimming in the world of social media (which we are guilty of), we should spend time understanding anger.

A person shouting in anger and shaking the head vigorously to fight.
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2. Listening to the body: 

People react differently to situations that are not good or bad. Anger can be very physical, so we need to know how our bodies react in certain situations. For example, if we feel something inside us when someone says something rude, it may indicate how we apprehend the situation.

3. To see: or not to see: 

We should try and listen to our body’s reactions in certain situations. For example, if you are angry at someone and feel the urge to get even, stop yourself from doing something you’ll regret. You do not want to cause more damage or destroy property.

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4. To speak: or not to speak 

We should control our emotions in certain situations so we do not say things that can hurt others. We should speak our mind when we are angry, but not in a way that will cause more harm.

5. Avoiding negative situations: 

If we cannot control our anger or fight in certain situations, then it is best to avoid them. This way, you will not hurt anyone or damage property.

6. Be aware of your emotions: 

We should try and be aware of our emotions in certain situations so that we can control them. For example, if someone cuts us off in traffic, we should not get angry. We should try and stay calm because anger will only cause more problems.

7. Practicing being calm every day:

It may seem very simple, but being calm demands years of practice and patience. There is no predestined age to start this practice. Start now, and you will see the change in you with this simple practice if done daily.


Anger is not a monster sitting inside you. It is a normal human emotion that requires some attention to deal with it. Be it earning money or managing your anger – time, it seems it plays an essential role supported by self-discipline. To get the most out of this post, you should take some time today to read up on each tip and see if these apply to you! 

Which ones do you think will work well for your situation?

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