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The potential of the human mind is limitless. With the ability of talking to self, we can call ourselves as nature’s advanced reasoning machine on earth. Just like Spider-Man’s uncle said – “with great power comes great responsibility.

With our ability and holding intellectual minds, we have gathered wisdom by surviving millions of years. It was possible when our minds were left alone to reflect, analyze and contemplate. In all, we have learnt the art of talking.

Back then…

In the early centuries, when medical science was a rookie and deaths from various diseases were common, our ancestors bred more offspring to maintain the survival rate.

Off late, the survival rates have increased with the advancement of medicine. However, most of us continue to overpopulate. Sadly, this is a truth that we continue to deny and defend under the carpet of family legacy, pride, and lord knows what else.

A tree talking to self.
Photo by Jan Huber

For an efficient mind to nurture – there is a need for sufficient spacing between any two minds. In today’s world, it is hard, and the number of minds per square kilometer have continuously been increasing in overpopulated countries.

As a result, many look for aloneness by retreating to lesser populated countries. This act of fleeing is like a pain killer that works for one era at the most. However, we continue to multiply. How fair is this? – A question to ask ourselves.

All said and done, the ultimate goal is to have a mind which is optimal and can balance the continuity of species.

The importance of isolation is necessary for all of us to reduce the chaos and firefighting of world problems, but to engage in a thought process of growing intellectually.

In the current situation, it takes a lot of effort as this process of isolation is not part of our education system in any form.


There are many advantages of increasing the isolation percentage for oneself. One can better understand their acts. Also, one can course-correct their actions to understand and define the purpose of life. And, one can generate creative ideas for a complimented living alongside other species.

Remember, our minds are built to think not to losing it to chaos.

Exercise for today: Isolate your mind

You may experience isolation these days. But still very much connected to the chaotic world via technology. So, take out an hour from your day away from all technology and human contact. This will provide you an opportunity to talk to yourself. Be mindful and do not judge anything during this time. Just welcome all your feelings and watch them. But, the outcomes are surprising.

PS: talking to self, isn’t madness 

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