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In the realm of nothingness, silence rules and makes way for ultimate realization.

Our existence is defined when we adopt silence in its totality. We humans have built multiple barriers around the truth, which has become inaccessible to ourselves.

So, the time has come to explore the depth of silence and be amazed at its possibilities.

The chaotic world around us has offered nothing but noise, materialistic insanity, and illusion. A constant want for comfort is walking us away from our inner self.

We are becoming more of a stranger to ourselves. Furthermore, our thoughts have clogged and have reached a state of saturation where new ideas, new concepts have become nonexistent.

We have stopped thinking wise for humanity.

To unclog our thoughts, we need to reduce distraction and instead encourage quietness in our daily lives.

A moment of silence is a good start, as this is a process of transformation.

A transformation to come out of the chaotic world, enter the world of quiet, the world of new possibilities, the world of realization.

Photo by Mickey O’neil on Unsplash

Benefits of silence

The benefits of silence are immense. It allows us to explore our minds and access the untapped potential of our thinking. Also, it helps us concentrate and encourages meaningful and wise thoughts to sprout.

It helps us realize the truth of our existence. A new perspective becomes a new normal, and more importantly, silence provides tranquility to mind and generates enormous amounts of peace for selves.

A simple start to practice silence is to isolate our senses from the outer world. Closing our eyes, finding a place of isolation, and avoiding noisy surroundings is a good start.

Our minds are the next stage where silence is a must as they are never at rest. We are bombarded with a million thoughts even when we are closing our eyes and sitting in isolation with no external noise.

The disharmony of the ceaseless chattering of our minds creates a disturbance within us, leading to unwanted insights.

The best way to practice silence at this stage is by welcoming the thoughts as-is and being mindful of just watching these thoughts and not engaging with them. 

In conclusion, to experience a peaceful living, one has to adopt the depth of silence and explore its possibilities by being mindful.

Exercise for today: Eliminate external noise and distraction.

We all are busy with tasks on us. Most of the duties are mundane and have little or no value for our existence. Let us make mindful decisions and find time for ourselves to swell in silence. When practicing silence, if there are distractions like external noise, let us listen to it, mindfully. After timely practice, these external sounds slowly start to fade, enabling us to explore the depth of silence. 

Go for it, enjoy the isolation.

PS: The doorway to realization is within you; being mindful will enable you to walk through it.

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