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In this age of unspoken competition, every person from corner to corner of our sight looks for opportunities of some variety. Some initiate gossip and some amplify it while some question and some comment on it. This goes on till forever, and there is no stopping to it.

That’s the power of technology. It has become easier for us to stay hidden in our couch, under a warm blanket asking questions and challenging others. 

Question Everything
Question Everything

Based on a GoodFirms survey, 85% of people have experienced some form of social media trolling. Now that is alarming considering the misuse of knowledge. Most of the trolling starts as an innocent joke or a momentary comment to lighten the moment.

But they are usually blown up to proportions and misused in various irrelevant contexts to keep the gossip-hungry community involved. Unfortunately, that % is high.

Technology is a boon for our species, our ancestors laid the foundation not to experience trolling or to witness viral videos of a cat or an egg. It is difficult to change the habits of people in a day or even years; it takes a generation to do so.

The adult generation of this era needs to step up and teach the younger generation the power of conversations and even the downsides of it. We need to continuously create awareness as to why what, where and how much has to be discussed.

At the same time,

We need to encourage them to question everything rather wisely. The answers are out there; all it takes is some time and some research.

The future generation needs our help, they need to understand how to think sensibly and how to question wisely. All this can happen by setting examples. 

We need to set those examples. We need to start asking questions wisely, we need to withdraw taking part in trolls; instead, start discouraging it. Also, we need to guide our fellow beings in doing so as well.

Yes, of course, this is a difficult task. Nonetheless, this needs to be taken care of with utmost urgency. Technology will ever grow on us, but at the same time, we need to get wiser as well.

Exercise for today: Avoid encouraging trolls; instead, discourage them.

One can’t hide from networking socially, gossips, and debates. They are interesting at that moment. But the impact of these hurt the thinking. We need to be conscious and evade getting lured into these unseemly conversations. However, encourage yourself to take part in conversations that contribute to a better society, a better future for new generations.

Man in the mood to question.
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PS: Don’t grow old submerged in gossips; you are nothing but wasting this precious life.

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