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We are humans, and we often fail to suspend incoming thinking. It is kind of a blessing and a curse at the same time. At any given point in time, a plethora of thoughts awaits at the door of our minds to enter.

It’s a mess and is a reason for our tiredness, laziness, and mood fluctuations.

For most of us, we do not have answers. We end up dwelling in them forever. Unfortunately, we are the creators and encouragers for these untamed thoughts.

A monkey thinking and analysing its thoughts.
Photo by Juan Rumimpunu

Our mind is always at work.

Our mind is such that it takes a hard beating to stop thinking. But it can be achieved over a while with constant meditation and mindfulness. However, one can manage this flow and is also one of the chosen methods to keep our minds healthy. A role play with our mind.

Yes, you heard it right. Imagine, you have a kid, or a spouse, a friend, or a colleague. They are comfortable with you, and sometimes you find them complaining endlessly. In this situation, we usually give them time and sometimes advise them on the circumstance after listening carefully. But, some conversations do not expect a piece of advice from you. All they need is someone to hear them blabber out their thoughts and frustration.

Our minds are also similar. When we start giving time to ourselves, our mind wants to complain, appreciate, and share a million things with us. All we need to do is welcome them, understand them, and not react. It is a mindful exercise that one can master over time with uninterrupted practice. Whenever we listen to our mind, we need to make sure we don’t get absorbed into particular thinking. A better way is to stay at the rim of it and listen carefully. After listening, allow the next thought to speak immediately.

With continual practice, a day will surely come where we will run out of thoughts, and there will be a significant change in our perspective towards life. We don’t get to learn this art in our schooling. With this self-learning, one can mature and gain experience with mindful practice.

There is one thing to consider. Our emotions may seldom act as a barrier when we start to entertain our thinking. We may tend to make judgments and also favor some of the thoughts based on our liking. However, whatever we listen, has to be disciplined. We need to treat every thinking, like a friend telling you a story. We only need to hear our thinking, without judging any thought.

Exercise for today: Listen to 5 thoughts, without judging.

Our lives are like a vessel filled with stories. Taken an opportunity, one can write a book every day, and some do it in way of journals, a colored diary, maybe. We must listen to our thoughts, without judging any of them to maintain the essence of the practice.

Go on, give it a try. It takes 5 mins of your time.

PS: Our conscious mind has the power to decide and subconsciously execute them. Use this power wisely.

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