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With the help of hundreds of books, we gather plenty of knowledge from the time we have known how to read and understand concepts. A group of learned intellectuals.

We are aware of many people in the past who have invented and discovered during their time.

We are, of course, inspired, hopeful, and enjoy the fruits of their efforts. It has changed the way we live and change the course of evolution.

books that have learned already.
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Knowledge and experience.

Knowledge from the past and those that have been documented in the books are other’s ideas. A question arises on the learning that we have gathered.

A question that pushes us to think the importance and the value of our lives.

We may be a learned scholar with several degrees from various educational institutions, but have we ever asked ourselves, what is our learning?

Experience has always taken a higher seat compared to an academic learned person.

A person who has no literacy, who doesn’t even know to write their name, can be more learned than a person with all the knowledge gained by reading because they have learned by experience all their life.

They have faced the challenges upfront, and have walked out of the situations, always victorious and new learning to their name.

Gathering knowledge from various books and sources may help us be ready for specific situations. But experiencing these situations opens up a new dimension altogether and astonishingly surprises us.

Many a time, our experience can rewrite what we have learned from the external world. I am not asserting that one should stop reading or learning from school or other institutions.

I am only suggesting that with this external learning, one should also add the element of experience to get a complete understanding.

Education and wisdom are like performing the act of namaste (a respectful greeting, which means I bow to the divine in you). The action is complete when we join our palms together.

In today’s world, we choose comfort more than exploration. Let us consider an example – we opt to work in a confined space for an organization and spend years calling it experience.

We lose out on the main essence of the wisdom that we could have gained from the external world.

While comfort is, of course, a good feeling, but spending time with the natural world gives us more profound ways to experience life.

We need to come out of the experience gained in comfort to understand the real meaning of the experience.

Exercise for today: Expand your view on experience.

It is good that we are learned humans from scriptures, institutions, and organizations. It is now time to make it better to experience them by yourself. Experience from the natural world provides a whole new perspective for your living and raises the bar of your knowledge exponentially.

PS: Learning is at its best when experienced, expand your experiencing opportunities for a better understanding of life.

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