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Glaringly covered in red, tied with an attractive brown-colored curly lace, made of soft fabric sits atop the table, silently inviting my curiosity to seek attention.

My brain responds with initial observation and casually rejects it, as it was preoccupied with a notion something more interesting.

However, the image of the initial connect still wanders in my mind and continually appears as a distraction during other engagements.

a curiosity box
Photo by Joshua Hoehne

The distracting image in my mind is starting to gain my attention. It sends a series of messages to my eyes to stop what I am seeing, and to look at the red-box.

However, my conscious mind rejected these messages and is now unable to decide. Should it get distracted, and end the curiosity, or should it wait for further information from the red-box itself revealing its intent?

A dilemma has started to brood, increasing the mental activity while random messages are being sent to other parts of the body, asking the legs to move towards the red-box and the hands to clutch the red-box.

A state of confusion.

There is a rush of constant messages from the brain, creating confusion and a lot of distraction. The other parallel activities have now started to complain about not getting the right level of attention.

The mind is unable to resist but still tries to forcefully redirect the concentration away from the red-box and to the predefined activities in hand.

The image of the red-box still fascinates the mind with its soft shiny wrapping and the enticing fabric of the lace.

The size of the box is asking questions as to what it may contain, a new phone, an engaging sequel of books, a beautiful flower vase, or just an empty case. It doesn’t know, but it surely is increasing its grasp on the mind.

The other activities have gotten into an argument instantly with the mind, and the protest begins. The red-box has now totally grabbed my attention, forcing me to leave all other engagements.

Now, my legs are slowly starting to walk towards the red-box. However, my mind has gained control over my arms. The eyes try to sense what might be in the box, but they are disappointed as the hands are not in unity.

The mind is slowly gaining control and has started to send messages to reject the thought of checking the contents of the red-box. It directs the legs and eyes to be occupied where they were a while ago.

The itch.

It has been two hours now, the red-box is still waiting and summons my curiosity to take charge. The arms, legs, and my eyes now have taken a stand to betray the commands of my mind.

They go towards the box, and the hands pick them up. The box smiles, and the curiosity smells the all heil victory.

A kid looking with curiosity.
Photo by François Verbeeck

Right about then, a door opens behind me, and the box gets snatched. It is now on a journey to its final destination. I beg to see and win the curiosity game in vain.

Sadly, the red-box is on a journey never to return. The hands, legs, and eyes now confront the mind for not letting my curiosity win. 


Such was an impact from a simple red-box wrapped in a shiny sheet and decorated well with a soft fabric.

Unfortunately, I will never know what was in the red-box, maybe it was not meant for me.

PS: Curiosity often plays our mind. Explore mindfully 🙂

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