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We grow old and fall dead. There is no country for dead men. Here’s a story.

New inventions, discoveries, technology, products, opportunities, generation. All these are a sign of growth, advancement, and prosperity.

We are here to expand our wings and make our presence felt in this booming era of rapid and steroidal upheaving of societies.

These have repercussions which we consciously ignore as we blind ourselves in the myth that money is “Peace” and fame is “Happiness”. So, what happened to the dead?

Imagine us, how did we evolve in the past? Back then, we parted ways from our cousin primates to become the homo group of species, walking on the graves of our ancestors to top the food chain.

But, we haven’t changed a bit, of course. While we grow our capabilities and unlock our skills, we somehow have distanced ourselves from consciousness.

We built societies, we built colonies, we drew boundaries with races, we control other species on how they have to live. On a whole, if you just take a moment and see yourself from atop of the food chain.

There are no species left, but we still have the DNA of evolution carved deep within us. We are cannibalising our existence, our species, to again top the food chain. How relevant is this? The answer is, we don’t know.

This is the only place in the cosmic canvas where we play our role of “Existing”. But, for some survival is the only purpose and consciousness is optional.

Our past speaks.

There is plenty of evidence from our past, where some of the great beings who walked the earth and tried to spread consciousness.

We, instead of understanding and developing from what they tried to explain, we resort to worshiping them, idolizing them blindly without a purpose, without a thought.

Thinking, as we know is an art. For some, it’s natural and for most, it’s a painful task. Furthermore, the people under the category “most” usually take up roles high on the societal and political ladder.

Survival, being their only purpose. They often misguide humanity by misinterpreting the teachings from the past.

Now, how relevant is this? The truth is, the cycle never stops. It is the balance of the conscious and those who choose to survive are needed.

However, evolution is not something we can avoid. But, the beings who choose to be conscious will understand how evolution works and the beings who survive will end up toiling hard and sweating by cannibalizing themselves and giving way for new species.

In all, evolution moves on – irony it seems.

This is not a game of winning and losing. Life, as we know is locked on this speck of dust suspended on a beam of light from a star in this vast arena of cosmic chaos. So, we call it chaos because we don’t understand it yet. One day we are all dead.

In the end.

It is wise to choose to be conscious rather than just survive. My thoughts.

PS: As we evolve for the greater good, we need to accept the fact that no matter what, there will be no country for dead men. The picture says it all.

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Dead men.
These graves will eventually lose their place as a city in India grows in the name of development

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