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For some, cow is a deity,

The others, a meal tasty,

For some, a source of living,

For some, peace-giving!

Usually shy and found grazing her way, she roams while breathing deep. Every breath is filled with peace as she enjoys her time alone in the fields.

One morning, the grass glistened in the early morning dew, and she opened her eyes to endure the calm around. Nature had slowly woken up with her, yet she continued to lay down on the ground in her favorite spot cushioned with hay.

Her chin rested on the ground while her tail was busy getting rid of the houseflies.

The quacking sound of the ducks nearby were loud than usual. It seemed they were all en route to attend a festival but, she stayed on the ground chewing some of the hay around her.

A while later, her master came to milk her. She obliged. And stood while her master caressed her and started to milk.

She watches the sun move higher on the horizon while her master opens the gate for her to start walking to the grounds. The sun occasionally hid behind the clouds to provide patches of shade along her route.

She has to walk a mile and a half to reach the grazing lands. On the way, she crosses fields and a pond, home of her friends, carps.

Every day her morning call “moo” is answered by the carps splashing the water hard; it was an unspoken custom.

Cow resting on a meadow.
Photo by Thomas Q

A typical day of a cow

Cow spends most of her day at the fields grazing, sometimes resting under a tree when the clouds disappear, but her tail is always at work. She also enjoys the company of cattle egrets who flew from far away places.

While the egrets look for worms from the disturbed grass, they wordlessly exchange talks on how things are, and how life has been treating them lately.

The sun toured from dawn to dusk, reminding her to now head back to the shed. While the egrets are still busy finding worms, cow leaves and says goodbye to them…

Her activities the entire day had been mindful, managing things with ease and avoiding complications.

We tend to complicate every situation to feed our emotions. Is this necessary? When life is simple, that is when happiness feels welcomed.

As I spoke in one of my previous blogs, purpose. It is about how well we can blend with nature and not wander against it. That is being wise and mindful.

…The carps on her way back jumped high from the water to wish her goodbye. All she said was – moo.

PS: Life is simple; do not complicate it. Live mindfully.

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