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Living life to seek meaning out of it is being unkind to life. Understanding its entirety is rather impossible in a lifetime. We are part of the cosmos, and a lifespan is less than a moment in the universe’s grand design. So, how do we look at our purpose?

Many of us spend our lives defining a purpose around it. Furthermore, our education and societal relations determine a path, guiding us towards a false or unclear purpose.

This derailment of clarity leads to a life with a broken purpose or a purpose not contributing to creation.

Seeking Life’s Meaning

When we chose to settle down in a place unlike our hunter-gatherer brothers, agriculture flourished. This lead to the formation of early administrations, rulers, and kingdoms.

There were laws penned down to facilitate trade, lifestyle, and to control the growth between societies. Over many thousand years, this became part of our thinking DNA. 

The purpose now was limited to certain roles we had to play at a certain age to be part of society. This was also ingrained in our education from the early stages of life, binding us to fixed societal terms.

Yes, it is important to be part of society if we need to enjoy certain services and to support our relations. However, we need to ask ourselves, is this our purpose for life?

Finding Purpose
Finding Purpose

Our lifestyle has improved by many folds considering we live in societal boundaries. We give importance to thoughts and emotions rather than our life these days.

We have imprisoned our minds with piffling thoughts in return for support, safety and individual identity. 

Can we ever come out of this loop? 

Incidentally, yes, all it takes is a change in mindset. By loosening up our psychological structure, we enable ourselves to create a balance in society.

Our thoughts and actions contribute to understanding the creation, in turn, help gain a sense of fulfillment and sense of peace. This determines the value of our life beyond the forced societal boundaries.

In this process, we free our minds from unnecessary clutter and motivating ourselves to live in harmony

Busy is the world so much,

we hardly get to think worthy as such,

Minor and piffling thoughts occupy the mind,

“Our Purpose” always gets thin-lined!

We all talk about freedom from the rest.

Give it a thought, have we freed our mind at best?

Look back from the time we became wise,

Does it look too far than the skies!

It’s time to choose what we think,

Guide our mind to be in sync,

“Peace” is what we all need,

Focus the mind and gracefully kneed!

Exercise for today: Free ourselves from the current psychological structure.

Being wise and realizing our importance is a gift. Let us take some time to understand how free our mind is. Are there other opportunities that we can consider to create a better balance around us?

PS: Don’t lose yourself in search of a purpose. Life is precious, live it wholesomely.

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