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Spring has just arrived, carrying with it is belief and possibilities for a new life. On a high tree, a story that is about to sprout. A leaf, with the soothing shade of lime, starts her journey.

A slight mid-morning breeze tickles her to tremble. The clean air, the ambient light, and a distant human utterance are the first to welcome her into the world.

As the clock ticks, she slowly grows, changing her color from lime to olive.

One spring day, a colony of rambling ants comes in anticipation of food, but there is nothing on her yet, they head back. Mynahs sit above her on a branch and address their daily struggles for almost an hour.

She listens. That afternoon, the sun has been influential, leading to a scuffle between two squirrels to take shade under her. Finally, after minutes of confrontation, they have agreed and rested under her. 

A few days have passed, and she has started to collect some dust on her making it challenging to breathe. She looks up at the sky and waits for a sprinkle, but there is no sign of clouds. 

A leaf.
Photo by Jan Kaluza

Months fly by as she continues to gather knowledge from her surroundings. There were days when insects, birds, and squirrels bothered her.

Some bugs even took shelter under her by building a soft cocoon and slowly eating away a part of her to nourish themselves. Life goes on for her with new learnings every day, every minute.

the story continues of a leaf…

The time has now come that she had been waiting for, the season for rains. The clouds slowly started to appear in the sky and thickened as the winds picked up their speed.

A huge droplet of rain fell fluttering her instantly while the winds sustained to sway the entire tree. The showers had commenced, and the happiness from within her exploded. It was the first rain she had ever experienced, and it was entertaining.

But the celebration did not last long and slowly turned into fear as the rains continued to pour heavily with the winds reaching high speeds.

Even though she got relief from rain by getting rid of the insects, she was now in trouble due to wind. The scary days continued for some time, and she had almost lost her life this season.

Months passed – and she is now a bright green leaf, well-nourished and experienced. But the age is catching up slowly, and she has to make way for new leaves next season.

With the unsaid assistance from the tree and experiencing nature’s calm and fury, survival has taught her crucial lessons…

We are here to learn and share our learnings.

A leaf’s course is no different from our journey. We lean on our family and friends for support, while the rest teach us valuable lessons for life.

It is for us to identify and experience these lessons mindfully and share them with the next generations.

A leaf.
Photo by Andy Feliciotti

At last

…As she ages, she turns pale yellow and isolates herself to feel the earth, and to feel the roots. Leaf looks up and smiles, thanking every lesson that she learned.

The wrinkles on her have now started to dry gradually to be part of her roots once again. 

PS: Lessons are everywhere, it’s for us to choose and experience.

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