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Amongst the gray cloud cover someplace on the high grounds of sharp edge mountains are those snow-capped peaks visible from afar. I start my lone stroll with nothing but a few supplies in the backpack.

A tent, a pair of spare clothes, and a mug which reads – let go. The wet shoes dangle from the buckles of the bag. Yes, I fell a while ago crossing the cold stream.

It is the seventh day of the solitary walk, and the feeling of being one with wilderness isn’t new anymore.

The time has come for the day to retire and dusk to take over. I fasten the tent for the night.

The scent of wildflowers envelops all around intensifying the quality of thoughts and empowering a sense of delight and indulgence.

Out there, the slowly melting snow from the peaks starts to freeze again for the night with a shine. I see hope and direction for those lost souls.

My eyes now rest, but the clouds have a plan of their own. They pour the entire night, rinsing the mountains and the trees who stand all day staring at the burning sun.

As I drown in my dreams, my world of fantasy. My tiredness helps me to forget the stress and washes away with the rain.

A scene of mountains during the lone stroll.
Photo by Sébastien Goldberg

The next morning,

The chirp of the birds and the faint breeze sneaks through the opening of the tent and wakes up the sleepy eyes to witness the gloriously bright and orange sun at the horizon.

The mood has changed outside – windy, rainy, and the noisy night have now calmed down to welcome a new day with hope still rooted in the minds.

The mountains are calling; they have been calling for ages now. The sense of belonging with the mountains has never been this strong.

The feelings for fellow humans have now departed to makes space for a new experience, and it smells like freedom.

Deep inside, the emotions of anger, greed, jealousy, fear, and anticipation have all sunk for never to rise again.

There is peace, happiness, and the everlasting joy which transforming my mind to relax, to slow down, and to be mindful of every activity, every moment, that is out there to savor.

The power of solitude when on a lone stroll is the pure celebration for all to experience.

Is it now time to take a break from the busy schedules, a break from fellow humans, a break from the laziness.

Take that lone stroll. Feel the moment while being mindful. That is the utmost pleasure that one can experience and must experience.

Happy mindful moments.

PS: It is not just a story, rather be your story.

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