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It is a human tendency in any walk of life to run away as far as possible – when we hear the expression interrogation.

The term has been misused so much by our administrations, secret services, protective services, and even the entertainment industry.

It is not a pleasant experience for us to be interrogated. This leaves us defenseless in the foreground of the system. Since the first kingdoms came into the picture, we see shreds of evidence of interrogation.

Mostly, these pieces of evidence point towards a questioning of a crime of sorts. In one of my previous posts, I discussed the importance of talking to self. Today, we will take this further.

What is interrogation?

Interrogation utterly put, is a form of questioning. It can be gentle or, it may be harsh to help understand the truth.

Interrogation self.
Photo by Noah Silliman

Every person has a personal self and an external self. We project ourselves in different ways as per convenience. Interrogation, being a painful and stressful activity for the mind, we hardly get into this mode of thinking.

But, the importance of interrogating self is – it provides a lot of insights about ourselves, our behavior, and our approach towards life and others around us. As said earlier, this requires a lot of endurance and integrity to oneself.

We need to mindfully prepare to feel the darkest and to know the kindest truth about ourselves. The questions that one should ask themselves must be difficult. One may not find answers in the first go.

This takes multiple attempts and multiple ways of questioning. But the outcome is baffling, and one will be surprised to know the real self.

If we continued diligently, we will enhance the way we look at life and also how we treat anything around us.

A new perspective is then unlocked for us to explore. Interrogating self is the most sacred of practices that one could imbibe for life.

Some of the hard questions to ask, yet they look simple are,
  • Why am I doing what I am doing now?
  • How kind am I?
  • What can I change about myself?
  • Have I learned to let go?
  • Am I cheating anyone now?

These are some of the questions to ask, and one can extend more from thereon. Give it a try to reflect on your responses in isolation.

This is examining self to provide an opportunity to be true to self, which is the first step of being human. Remember, humanity starts from within us.

PS: Never lie to yourself; it is a poison that will eat you up from inside.

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6 thoughts on “Interrogation – with self”

  1. That killer last line. But then we always end up lying to our own self, just to make ourselves feel better, but it never works. I’m glad you have mentioned it out loud and clear and hope more people read this and realise. ❤

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