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The reason you are breathing at this time is that you have hope.

You are filled with a tremendous amount of positive energy.

And will experience the zenith of happiness by reaching your goals you have been talking to self for years now.

You are here to witness how hope helps transform your thoughts into the reality that the mind has been projecting.

You are here to continue to hope and increase the positivity in you.

There is a famous saying – Hope is a good thing.

Hope creates a mood that is positive about a situation that is in the future. Creating a mental image about your future situation gives you the energy to drive towards it.

When there is hope, your actions to fulfill these plans intensify, and you give your 100% to make that happen. You become better at solving obstacles that may arise en route your goal.

Being mindful and hopeful.

I have been talking about being mindful lately. But today I am talking about hope for plans and goals – why?

We are intellectuals, and we are on the road to prosper mindfully. A hopeful person usually is cognitively flexible. Hope is our doorway to encourage our emotions to moves moods. When we are unhappy, it gives a sense of happiness.

When we are depressed, hope will encourage us to be at peace. To develop confidence, one can always lean on it and initiate more reliable solutions for the worries we have in store.

We look for positive outcomes for any situation. When we wish for something while being conscious, our subconscious executes it. We have heard some of the great minds say, be hopeful – future will be better.

It is an attempt to get our consciousness to hope for a positive outcome so that our subconscious mind can work towards the positive thoughts we have been defining.

It sounds easy when we say, “hope for good” when our mind is occupied by negative thoughts, and invested in stressful situations. However, that is when we need to hope, that is when we need to lean on it.

This is the first step towards a positive solution. Even the slightest thought of hope during our unpleasant times will give us a great deal of relief by reducing stress, anxiety, and disappointment.

A sign of hope and courage.
Photo by Rosie Kerr

How to learn to be hopeful?

Hope is not just a wish when we are in trouble or face uncertainties.

Though it synonyms with expectation, aspiration, and anticipation, it is purely our agency and the willpower that we nurture in us.

All it requires is the ability to manipulate our mindset positively considering the below actions,

  • Being autonomous
  • Finding motivation to bring in change.
  • Defining a path of our journey to a destination.
  • Building the ability to outperform in tough situations.
  • Lastly, high resilience and ingenuity

Since eons, one of the best examples of hope is our species. Our ancestors survived merely on it and were versatile, competent, and saw how the future would look like.

Since the ages of kingdoms, colonists, fascists, republicans, and the democrats, a soldier’s task in any regime remains the same – protect the land and kill the enemy.

They are trained to think, and this attitude is required when at war. However, not everybody carries this mindset. Some pitch an outlook of the training, and some wish to be with their family doing activities as we civilians do.

But they do not have a choice. 

Read how HOPE saved a life.

See how Nidhi learns to hope and how hope changes her life forever.

Although, they all have something in common, an unspoken hope deep within which suggests this phase will end, and they will see their family again.

This is a strong positive thing that helps them endure the current situation, and make better decisions at the front. This keeps them energetic and gives them a direction for life.

This is hope, and it is what we all need to lean onto.

Hope is a blessing that we have, and it costs nothing while antidepressants do with free side effects. Let’s think it over, for sure, developing a practice of it in any situation will only make us better and helps us to create positive outcomes.

PS: Practice it, as this is our primary weapon against all odds.

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