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We are the creators of this world, we manifest dreams.

The information we collect from our senses is displayed by our subconscious mind, which then gets projected as a story or an incident when we sleep. Dreams can be of any flavor – happy, sad, scary, and also sometimes disgusting. You name it.

Imagine, you like horror movies and you have binge-watched it, there are high possibilities that you may see them as an element of your dreams.

Our brain manifests it and adds certain instances from our memory palace to create a story of its own. Some stories seem realistic, some fantasy, and some hilarious that you tend not to believe. 

Nightmares from the past appear in our dreams, which are continuously processed by our minds. These intensify to find a response to conscious thoughts. There are instances where we find solutions as well to some of the issues. 

A fantasy image representing our dreams.
Photo by Johannes Plenio

When we manifest dreams.

Dreams are mere reflections of the mind and its thoughts when at rest.

To some extent, impressions are nothing but what we see, hear, smell, feel, and taste.

In the conscious world, we can choose what to experience by using our senses.

This information stays in our minds and acts when we are at rest. 

When we manifest dreams, we play a significant role by being mindful and choosing what to experience. This helps us to dream better and overcome nightmares.

More often, this is difficult in the current setup. We fall into a lot of distractions by visuals, audio, products, and varied taste.

Being mindful and limiting our intake through our senses directly impacts what we experience in our dreams. 

It is simpler said than done. Limiting our senses to what we want to experience will enable us to obverse the shift in the way we dream.

Gradually over some time, there will be a significant change and less chaos. It will help us envisage better.

Time-traveling every night,

Instigating our sleepy sight,

Enter the world of fantasies,

From humanities to insanities!

Love, hate, revenge, and fear,

Are all in-store, here,

Happy, sad or nightmare,

It is for us to care!

What we see when conscious,

Is what we experience in the subconscious,

We have the choice to choose,

Be mindful of the cues!

PS: Help your senses to choose how to manifest dreams.

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