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Memories play an influential role in our lives and a happy memory, creates magic, bringing a smile whenever we access it.

As an individual only we can understand the essence in its entirety. These are moments that we store for life, and most of them are personal to us.

Sometimes, all we do is smile when we remember a happy moment from our past. Isn’t it true? 

Life is a mixed bag of emotions, and we may be going through tough times, but these memories are our companion forever. Every time we access it, it gives us energy and happiness.

Photo by Ryan Parker

A story of boy and his happy rose from his memories.

Today, I will tell you a story about a boy and his “happy” rose. It is the early 1990s, regular morning, and the sun has just risen over the horizon.

A boy is getting ready to walk to his school, and he picks up his bag stuffed with books. It is a daily routine. Wearing pale gray shorts, a stained white shirt, supposedly white canvas shoes (recently soiled), and the stitches of the tie had come off, exposing the loose fabric from inside.

He is a well-behaved boy and has developed an interest in observing. He hardly cares about his appearance, all that matters to him is when will he return home after school, and heads out to play with his friends.

It is Wednesday, and he starts to walk towards his school with his heavy bag of books on his back, eventually slowing down his pace.

Just a street away from his house, there is a well-maintained garden in a small front yard of a residence. He sees something unusual and wants to get a closer look at it.

He stops and walks towards the house and peeps through the grilled fence. An aged man is watering the plants.

The garden is smelling fresh with a lot of flowering plants, and the reflection of light from the droplets, is magical, as it blurred the rest of the background, with a focus on the flowers and leaves alone. 

As the story continues about his memories…

He drops his heavy bag down on the ground and holds the fence from both his hands for support, and leans forward to get an unobstructed view of everything inside.

The aged man continues to water the plants. The boy scans the garden, and a flower catches his interest, it’s a rose. The rose is further away from the fence and behind other plants, but the flower is bright enough to be visible through them.

This rose is different; it is unique. Never has he seen this kind of a rose before. It has a unique mix of colors; deep red at the center and orangish-yellow as it blooms.

The other flowers from the same plant are also different in their color combination.

A simple rose changed the entire feeling and stamped a memory in him forever. He named the flower – happy rose. Roses and their colors have their likeness, but this rose changed everything.

The boy realizes that one can experience emotions the way they desire to. We can choose our feelings, we can choose our mood, and we can choose happiness or sadness. He closes his eyes and recalls the image of the rose that he just observed.

At a distance, laughs and chatter from fellow school going kids on the road reminded him to pick up his heavy bag and start walking towards the school.

Even while walking, he continued to think about how different his morning was. He was able to learn something anew from just a simple rose. It is all about choice.


This was a small event in his life, which changed the way he perceived the world around him. He started to choose happiness in every situation that he faced.

He learned a simple and beautiful lesson of life. No matter what, it is our perspective that matters how we look at circumstances. Every time he felt sad, he accessed this memory and smiled from within.

He was in joy, gave him hope, and strength to deal with the situation in a better way successfully.

When did you last access your happy moment?

We all have experienced pleasant times at some point in our past. It can be just a moment or a big event. Let us close our eyes for a while and enjoy those happy moments. It certainly brings a smile on our faces.

PS: Happy memories are there for a reason, access them anytime you need. They are yours forever to relive the moment. 

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