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Every day we engage in multiple activities. We sleep, read, rest, work, and the list is unending. Remodeling a tiny fraction of our attitude to make way for gratitude will help us in many ways.

Let it be support, happiness, or an act of kindness, gratitude elevates ourselves to a whole new dimension.

One cannot imagine the power the kindness until they start showing it. When we experience gratitude, we are encouraged to overcome tough circumstances, quite like hope.

Gratitude is like breathing; every moment can be filled with its essence if we choose.

Surprisingly, this is the simplest of traits to master by performing easy activities.

To start with, let us close our eyes and tell ourselves – “I am grateful for this life, no matter how tough the situation I am in at this time.”

The gratitude practice.

Once in practice, gratitude enhances our behavior and guides us in being mindful of every activity we perform.

This is important; we become aware of what we are doing and why we are doing.

Furthermore, enabling us to think more about our actions and change them for good, if necessary.

This allows us to connect better with our fellow beings, nature, and even non-living things. We start to appreciate everything genuinely.

An placard conveing a message of gratitude.
Photo by Simon Maage

Let us look at a simple way to experience gratitude. We all have our past filled with memories.

Memories which make us smile, memories which gave us learning, and memories which pulled us down with sadness.

No matter what the memory is about, thanking that particular memory changes the way we treat our present and the future that is about to surprise us.

Thank everything we are blessed with and everything we are about to be showered with soon.

The rebels.

Some may argue, I don’t need to show gratitude, I get what I need, and I don’t care about the past or the future.

This isn’t a surprise, we all at some time have swelled with pride, willfully or incidentally.

Vanity destroys the essence of our present moment and also damages a part of our future by creating unpleasant memories.

This is just a gist of it. Arrogance or any negativity for that matter will take us no further, but gratitude does.

It gives us happiness at the present moment and secures relations or deeds for the future.

No matter what, we need to make sure to imbibe gratitude into our lifestyle.

This will help us in the long run and certainly enriches us with happiness. Gratitude should be part of our reflection in reality.

In all, we always look out for happiness, joy, and peace in our lives. The mere act of gratitude will help us achieve this in the longterm. Let us welcome this simple change in us to experience a better life.  

Exercise for today: What are you thankful for?

There are so many instances in our daily lives that we can be thankful for, be it our family, pets, our childhood, or our friends. There are a lot of opportunities only if we wish to look around. Let us go ahead and thank them, thank these moments that we are blessed with, thank ourselves for being a nice person. Remember, being grateful will always take us a long way and positively towards happiness.

PS: It’s just one life that we have, let us all live with gratitude.

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