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Look around you; what do you see? Materialistic insanity, a world filled with a race, running endlessly to be the one. The one, with a marginal gain over a fellow human, in terms of wealth, possessions, and ego.

A comfortable trap. We all look at external things to alleviate our discontent hidden deep inside of us.

Though these things give us marginal happiness, we still fall prey to any new variation of it. Are they worth a lifetime?

It is a matter of survival, with the limited supply of natural resources, we tend to take possession of everything as much as possible based on Darwin’s theory of evolution.

However, we call ourselves intellectuals, remember, we have a mind and the power of conscious thinking.

Materialistic Insanity
Photo by Markus Spiske

The importance has to be given, to understand, how much do we need for survival, rather than being in a state of mind to grab as much as we can. We are mere visitors with an average lifespan of around 79 years. We are part of the natural resource and belong to nature – one cannot deny this fact.


Materialistic insanity is a distraction, luring us to stay comfortable.

The more we are attract ourselves to this, the more we trap ourselves thinking about how to increase this in volume, and how to protect it from others.

Here is how we misuse intelligence towards unwanted materialism. Materialism can positively give us happiness for a moment, and ego can inflate the thrill for owning a material.

But let us ask for ourselves, are we happy from the inside, or are we projecting momentary happiness to the outside world?

This conduct is usually urged to bloat our fragile ego, where we are never content with anything after a while, and we look for more.

Our fundamental happiness inside us is always at stake and must renew with new materials very often.

Isn’t this unkind, waste of time, and never-ending plan, no matter how much we try to feed our ego and discontent. Materialism can never quench the thirst for happiness.

Believe it – this is a process where a desire always gives birth to another desire when fulfilled.

Hence, we need to be wary of our needs and define our wants. It is simple logic, the more we have, the more we suffer. We give more space for joy to grow from within when we employ less materialism in our lives.

It takes time as one has to let go of our qualms for stuff that we think we own, however big or small. Mindfully disowning the act of materialistic folly allows us to flourish with happiness and peace.

Exercise for today: how trapped are you in materialistic insanity?

We are all victims of materialism. Maybe this was the version of truth taught to us to lead a comfortable life. However, we now know this does not help us satisty from within, nor we experience peace. It is time to let go of materialism and live with minimal materials as necessary, instead of striving for possessions. We need to own our mindful way of living rather than owning materials that encourage discontent and give birth to new desires.

PS: There is nothing that we take with us when we die, rather live with peace until we are here without materialistic insanity.

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