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We are born free from social convenience. However, we have slowly walked on this path of life and educated ourselves to be part of it, and this is where the knowledge of the ‘unrealized’ dwells. It is a long chain of habits passed on through many generations and interpreted in many convenient ways to serve one’s gross pleasure.

Time is the best cure available to evolve and choose what we become. If our choice is of self realization, there is a simple way of living. However, this takes a bit of undoing and diverting our discipline to a simple but considerably lengthy process in today’s age.

self realization path
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Our life is like a river. It flows when it has to; rushes when it has to; it stagnates when it has to. We are part of this universe with physical and mythical laws that we abide by diligently. We do not have the option to go against these laws without calling on the destruction of our physical bodies. However, we allow ourselves to understand our nature and our universe. It is a blessing that nature has helped us evolve into a being, enabling us to unlock its secrets.

A perspective.

Like the river, our path also needs to coordinate with nature and flow with it in harmony. For this to happen, one has to modify and nurture some of our generic habits and better manage our emotions and feelings.

Consider a famous situation of a frog in a well. We must avoid being a frog and avoid being slaves to our emotions and feelings. It is not easy to let go of all emotions and feelings in today’s age as we are resting firmly in the socio-comfort zone. Only a few can break this barrier and experience the divine bliss of nature.

Some traits that define our path towards self-realization are purity in our thoughts. Being content with what is offered by circumstances, gathering knowledge by self, self-discipline, and mainly, devotion towards one’s free will.

These being the foundations of our spiritual journey, it enables us to harmonize our thoughts. It produces the entirety of well-being and happiness while strengthening our willpower.

Let there be thoughts in you,
They be part of you,
Let them grow with you,
You are the master, power to you!
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