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Astral existence is the knowledge of living consciously. It’s a spiritual and philosophic venture that can help us transform our thinking.

By becoming aware of our body, we can access a deeper level of consciousness. And also share spiritual upliftment and growth.

While there are perks to it, using it to improve our lives is vital. So let’s take a look at how you can use astral existence for your benefit today!

What is astral existence?

Astral existence is a mysterious concept that is shrouded in mystery and controversy. By taking a realistic and grounded approach, we can still attempt to understand it. In brief, it is the state of being between life and death or between this world and the next.

It is a school of thought explaining that we might experience a cleansing or a transmission where we are taught new things or transferred to a better place. We all strive for the state of peace it brings, even when we are alive. By spreading the word and encouraging others to take a realistic and grounded approach, we can help foster that peace to multiply!

A young man experiencing astral existence.
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Why do we need to be aware of our astral existence?

As human beings, we are constantly interacting with the world around us. We experience physical and emotional pain, happiness, and sorrow. Also, we feel the world through our body, which constantly interacts with us and the world around us.

We spend our time focused on physical existence, making it difficult to experience peace and tranquility. Let’s say you recently visited a beautiful place where nature thrives. At some point during your stay, you felt lighter. There was silence and peace. You almost forgot about your daily routine. But, it is something you craved for, isn’t it!

Similarly, by being aware of our astral existence, we can enjoy peaceful and stress-free lives! Even when we are not on vacation.

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How can we become aware of astral existence?

It is something that many people are unaware of. Though it may seem like a figment of our fantasy, it is a sensation that many people undergo daily. Astral existence refers to the experience of being out of the body.

To become more aware of it, start by becoming curious about our surroundings. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. They may be indicators of what’s occurring outside our physical realm.

So, when you become aware, explore astral concepts regularly. It will help you develop a clearer understanding of what astral existence is all about.

What are the benefits of becoming aware?

While it is a novel frontier. As cognition of astral existence increases, so does the prospect for improved mental health and spiritual growth. Additionally, it can help you connect more deeply with others, improving relationships.

If you are on the fence about astral existence or just starting to explore it, assess the benefits that awareness can bring. Who knows, you might just be surprised at what you find!

How to use astral existence to uplift our lives?

It is a powerful tool to uplift our lives. When you live in the spiritual realm, it becomes easier to access higher levels of intuition and creativity. Also, by using astral travel to clear out distractions and be more focused, you can experience improved mental health. Again, by living in the etheric realm, you can share increased focus and concentration.

If you wish to use it to its fullest potential, start by practicing meditation and astral projection regularly. With a little bit of practice, astral existence will help you reach your goals and live a more fulfilling life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common myths?

Some common myths are, 

– Our astral bodies survive death.

– The astral projection is a way to travel to other dimensions.

– And, astral bodies can interact with physical reality.

How can you practice awareness?

Awareness of astral existence can only happen through meditation and visualization.

What are the signs that you may be experiencing astral existence?

There is no ideal answer to this question. Since astral existence is not static, it is instead ever-changing and evolving.

However, there are signs that may suggest. A few to list are,

– Thinking that one’s thoughts and ventures are separate from the physical body.
– The feeling of out-of-body at times.
– And sensing the physical world as unreal by sharing intense emotion or spiritual insight.


Astral existence is a term that refers to the state of consciousness that exists outside the physical body. By becoming aware, we can understand ourselves and our place in the world. Additionally, it can be used to uplift our lives by helping us to connect with our spiritual selves.

If you are curious about learning more about it, check out these books as a start.

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