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Amidst these morbid desires, reside two great personalities in ourselves, a monk and a monkey. Diving deep into these personalities, one can find the meaning and learn valuable lessons in their lifetime. 

We being an extension of nature, it is our responsibility to learn from it and understand the right path for life. Our minds are always in a constant dilemma to be still or to hunt ways to fulfill irresistible desires.

In today’s world of comforts, we have too many options to choose and to increase the conflict within ourselves. Our education and society have transformed our minds to seek possible ways to fulfill desires. The awareness of keeping the mind still, and making an effort to find happiness is nil.

A duck floating like a monk.
Photo by Esther Wilhelmsson

Monk or a monkey.

A monk is selfless, giving, and always still. They fill themselves with the knowledge obtained from nothing but experience. They are never affected by worldly attractions. A monk never dwells or hunts for new desires, but they spend valuable time in understanding the right path for life.

A monkey’s purpose is to look out for new desires or even opportunities to repeat old attractions. Their mind is never content with any cravings and is always in search of happiness and peace. When they find temporary happiness in a particular desire, they attempt to repeat the same to savor momentary pleasure again.

We are the hosts for both the monk’s and the monkey’s mind, and we are always at crossroads when we choose our next step. The monkey’s mind renders momentary satisfaction through desires, and the monk’s mind shows us the way towards ultimate happiness. It is for us to decide which trail to walk on. With mindful thinking and awareness, one can always choose the right path.

Exercise for today: What mind do we entertain the most?

Let us talk to ourselves and reflect on our actions. Let us understand our purpose that we intend to fulfill in our lifetime. With mindful thinking, we can always choose the right way. Remember, this is not a one-time activity. We need to spend more time with ourselves to find the right path. It is our journey, and we own it.

PS: One has to spend time with themselves to understand the journey. The initiative is always on us.

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