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Somewhere in nature’s lap, at the foot of a dense green forest, dwelled a pebble half-submerged at the river shore. Anyone who walked near the pebble heard a strange sound. Somewhat similar to pain, identical to happiness, and comparable to life. Everyone stopped by it and listened to the sound. They all tried to decipher what it meant. A few thought that the pebble is in pain as they could sense the discomfort in them.

Some thought it was at peace, and some admired the rock and walked past it without any reaction. The pebble did not respond to any onlooker but continued to sit there at the shore. However, when viewed around, there was not just one pebble, there were lots of them, and every one of them had their unique sound. They all maintained their unique shape and experienced different stages of life.

a pebble stack
Photo by Hrishikesh-Shirsikar

A perspective.

Life for us is very similar. We all exist at different stages of life. Our wisdom too varies and matures based on our exposure and experience in life. Look closely, we are a pebble, and the river is life. Like the pebble, we get bumped by life’s current, and our edges get refined to give us a smooth outlook as we ripen with age and wisdom. In the end, as the pebble turns to sand, we become part of nature. It is a fact.

Life is precious, cliché! Don’t you think? But it is true to its core. We must learn to gain experience and strive to attain a smooth and polished surface as soon as possible. That is when our journey of life becomes graceful. One who practices gratitude, practices being humble, and one who has built the ability to “let go” will fancy life’s creamlike journey.

The pebble at the river shore taught us a valuable lesson. Just like the pebble, we must strive to live our lives that leaves a unique and positive impact. We must learn to embrace life’s bumps and challenges and let them shape us into better versions of ourselves. Every experience we go through adds complexity and beauty to our life’s story.

We must recognize the different paths and experiences in life. Never compare ourselves to others, instead focus on our own journey. Just like the pebbles, we all have our unique sound and shape. Our individuality should be celebrated and cherished.

Furthermore, the pebble a reminder of impermanence of life. Everything in life is temporary, learn to appreciate every moment.

In conclusion, the pebble at the river shore teaches us many lessons about life. We should embrace life’s challenges and let them shape us into better human beings. We should celebrate our individuality and recognize that everyone’s journey is unique. Most importantly, appreciate every moment and strive to leave a positive impact.

Mental exercise

Take a walk in nature and observe the different elements of the natural world. Take note of the beauty in impermanence, the unique shapes and sounds of rocks, the flow of the river, and the different stages of growth and decay in plants and trees. This exercise can help us appreciate the world around us and remind us of the importance of embracing change and finding peace in nature.

Every day is an opportunity for us to be better than yesterday. Let’s stay safe and strive to be better ourselves.

Take care and remember this pebble.

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