The act of thinking

A divine power that we have nurtured over many millennia. While letting us understand the partial secrets of our universe as we build various assumptive theories around it. In fact thinking has molded us into social beings capable of living in societies of a certain order.

The evolution of creativity, imagination, complex thought about what it is to be human.

But, our early ancestors set the foundations for these. We have taken this level of thinking to a distinct level compared to other species on this planet earth.

We share and collaborate to define a success story. The exchange of data is possible through books and the internet. We use various forms to convey. We write, draw, and speak many dialects.

Thinking has become a large part of everyone’s life by helping us unite.

Genevieve Von Petzinger once said,

“the remarkable fact is that all of us living today are the end product of an incredible story of success against all odds: each of us carries DNA that stretches back in an unbroken line to the beginnings of humanity and beyond”

A man thinking.
Photo by frank mckenna

More than 8 billion minds are at work, dreaming and teaming. We need to use our mastery to ponder in a way that can contribute to future eras.

One may be at various levels of thinking, we still can reach the next level by constantly nurturing our divine ability. The path paved by our ancestors should lead to a generation where everybody has reached the highest level of thinking, in turn unlocking the immense knowledge waiting for us out there in the cosmos.

We must not be spending our precious gift on thinking moot ideas, trivial gossip, and gainsay thoughts. Everybody thinks, but great thinkers from every age shape humanity on the right path.

Exercise for today: Act of Thinking about the quality of your thought today.

Our minds are tuned to think every minute, every second. But most of the time the quality of thinking is not satisfactory considering a fast-moving chaotic world. Today, take some time for yourself and think about a topic of your choice, something which interests you. Think about how you can enhance that thought into an incredible memory.

PS: Our brains are for thinking; let’s think good.

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2 thoughts on “The act of thinking”

  1. The other challenge is to be open minded and be ready to accept others thoughts too. We as a world, are suffering because we have that I-know-everything attitude and whatever-I’m-thinking-is-the-only-correct-thought behavior. 😊
    PS – PJ’s are also born because there is a thought gone in creating one.

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