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Did you know that our willpower can do wonders?

An electromagnetic spectrum has wavelengths and frequencies ranging from shorter to longer wavelengths and having higher to lower energies. All we see is visible light.

The rest are invisible but they are there for us to explore. Likewise, we have visible and invisible attributes in us.

And willpower is something usually hidden and has powerful properties to – change our way of thinking, change our approach towards life and change the things around us. 

We are still her because of “will” which is in us. Every individual be it a child or an adult has used the power of will to perform an activity.

A child uses willpower to crawl for the first time, walk for the first time, and speak for the first time. An adult uses willpower to face an audience for the first time or even propose to a partner. We all use the power of will one way or the other in various perspectives.

But somewhere down the line, we limit its usage influenced by external fears. The potential of will is exponential when we start exploring it and use it to achieve our goals.

Imagining how willpower works its magic.

Imagine, having a dream to be successful in a space that we are not an expert yet. We start learning more about it and after a while, we stop, telling ourselves that this is enough, I can’t go further – this is my limit.

This is where we need to encourage our willpower to push us forward, which unlocks the hidden potential of our capabilities.

Motivation from external and internal factors matters the most. Let us take an example, these days, there are so many videos, apps trying to motivate us to be physically fit.

It motivates us to perform more just by watching others, which results in being healthy and fit. The same applies to our mind as well.

When we think we should stop now, that is when we need to start. Staying calm and pushing it further may seem difficult – but the results can be truly amazing. 

The ideas, the maturity of thoughts, the way we portray ourselves to the external world, everything changes and enhances us to become a confident person with a better purpose and a hope that does not shatter.

The power of will or willpower changes how we behave.
Photo by Edu Lauton

We praise our gods for miracles to happen in our lives, but trusting the power of “will” often provides results that we have been looking for. When we endorse perseverance to reach our goals, there is a lot we can achieve.

Now that you feel the energy, let us do a quick exercise: wake that willpower from within.

Deep inside us, the power of “will” is sleeping and waiting for your instructions to do some work. Get up, pick up a task that was long pending. May be an exercise, may an idea, maybe something you had to say to someone but never did. The time is now, do it. You will feel the difference in your energy and confidence in yourself.

PS: We are all limitless until our willpower is put to rest. 

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