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Don’t get me wrong! But, some believe that this generation is on a diet of self-promotion and entitlement, which has left them feeling entitled to success from an early age. They have a pre built mindset.

They are also very confident and self-assured, helping them achieve great things despite difficult odds.

Does it hurt? It must not, actually. It is a compliment if you are from generation alpha. You are far better than the previous generations and more confident and open-minded.

pre built mindset of generation alpha
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Let’s deep dive into the alpha’s pre built mindset that highlights three key elements:

1. Self-awareness

In perspective, it simply means you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You have the knack for seeing the bigger picture and are less likely to be swayed by distractions.

Self-awareness is also the ability to be aware of your surroundings and thoughts. It’s one of the essential properties that define humans as a species, and it’s something that’s still evolving. As an alpha, you must nurture these special attributes STARTING TODAY.

Though self-awareness is vital for understanding oneself and navigating through life, it can also be dangerous if pursued incorrectly. For example, it can lead to narcissism if someone starts to believe that they’re superior to others or immune to negative consequences. In addition, it can also lead people into destructive relationships where they become completely dependent on their partner.

These dangerous aspects are a result of distractions that bombard your minds more often than ever. Distractions can come from anywhere. They could be the thoughts of a loved one, your work, or the latest social media trend. The more information and stimuli in our lives, the harder it is to focus on anything else.

Couple self-awareness with humbleness, and it is a different game altogether. You will receive respect across ages and will have the opportunity to experience various challenges without becoming overwhelmed. That is when your pre built mindset will shine.

Here is the best part of being an alpha – you are never too busy or tired to learn and grow.

Moreover, we make the mistake of thinking that time is against us. This mindset leads to inaction because we imagine that progress will slow down as we age.

Future studies will show that alpha individuals frequently sustain great progress regardless of age or occupation. Why? It’s simple: they’re motivated by a sense of purpose and focus on what’s important.

2. Focus

Focus means staying dedicated to a goal, no matter what obstacles get in your way. You’re not afraid of taking on massive challenges, and don’t let anything stand in your way of achieving your objectives. It is one of the key pre built mindsets.

To develop a strong focus, you must create a personal mission statement or manifesto. This document should contain at least two sentences that describe your core values and what motivates you. It should also include specific objectives to achieve through your work.

The book – “your Black Diary” is specially curated for the Alpha Generation. It guides you at every step on how you can achieve success methodically.

Once there is a better alignment with your values and motivations, it’s time to think about what profession suits you the best when you grow up.

When you’ve identified this, it’s time to start researching various careers online or in books (if possible). Doing so will help give you an idea of what obstacles and challenges pop up during your career path and how best to overcome them. 

Maintaining a strong focus is key to success in any field – let be it business, creative arts, or anything else!

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3. Courage

And finally, courage! It is the ability to overcome fear or intimidation. Alpha generation doesn’t shy away from difficult tasks or take unnecessary risks – they see them as opportunities for growth and learning experience.

At its basic level, courage is simply the willingness to do what’s necessary to achieve a goal. It’s also about having the strength to face difficult circumstances and stay strong through them.

We see courage in people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Trust me, your social background or experience doesn’t matter – if you have courage, you can achieve anything you want. 

So how do you become courageous?

There are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of success:

  1. Stay true to yourself:

    Don’t let others control or influence the way you feel or do. Stand up for yourself no matter what (and always speak up when something feels wrong).

  2. Believe in yourself:

    When things get tough, remember that it’s not the end of the world – everyone gets knocked down sometimes. Just get back up and keep going!

  3. Learn from your mistakes:

    The more knowledge and experience you have, the easier it will be for you to make wise decisions in difficult situations. Remember that failure is vital for success – use it as a learning opportunity instead of a setback. There is a chapter dedicated in the book “your Black Diary.” Check it out.


With evolution, you have come to a stage where these characteristics come as pre built mindset in you. It is just a matter of your will to tap them and use them to your advantage. The world is waiting for you to seize the opportunity and be brave.

Gen alpha kids is a generation that values learninggrowth, and taking risks. They don’t shy away from difficult tasks or taking unnecessary risks – they see them as opportunities for growth and learning experience.

This generation is also unique as they are the first generation to have access to tools such as social media that you can utilize for good or bad purposes.

Millennials, Gen Z, and the older generations did not have access to social media at an early age. When they reached their early-late teens or early twenties, Facebook, email, AI, and all the other 21st century tools became accessible.

So, be wise and take complete advantage of your pre built mindset to grow with technology.

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