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Creativity is one of the best skills that you can possess. It’s the ability to chalk out new ideas and solutions bettering with practice. Today, we’ll explore the SEVEN inspiring rituals you must own.

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7 Inspiring Rituals You Must Own

Daily rituals or habits make us more creative people doing creative work. Doing something religiously and positively impacts how your mind works. It is essential to follow these rituals that promote creativity. Whether you’re just starting out or have been practicing for years, these SEVEN inspiring rituals will help you be even more creative!

  1. Make time for creativity.

    Time is one of the most important resources we have. So, ensure that you’re dedicating enough time to creativity. Whether you work in an office or as a musician on the road, find a way to carve out time for your creative process.

  2. Get creative with your surroundings.

    You don’t need to be in a studio or at the gallery to be creative. Creativity can come from anywhere and everywhere if you explore it. 

    Use your surroundings and find inspiration for your work. Also, reduce your time on social media as it affects your creative process in the long term.

  3. Use your imagination to create new things.

    Imagination is what makes everything happen. If you’re not using your inventiveness, then you’re limiting yourself. Use your creative juices to come up with new and innovative ideas.
    In fact, try meditation and solitude. It improves your creative rituals and has a lot of health benefits. Imagining is one of the best addictions we must nurture.

  4. Take a creative break every day.

    Sometimes the best way to recharge your batteries is by taking a break. Whether it’s five minutes or an hour, make sure you take time for creativity. 

    Go, take a walk, listen to Beethoven or have a cup of tea or little caffeine. It resets your creative thinking process and upgrades your thoughts.

  5. Be open to new ideas and inspirations.

    The more open you are to new ideas and inspirations, the better. If you’re only familiar with your creative process, you’ll be less likely to take advantage of new ideas. Be open to different ways of thinking and create from there.

  6. Connect with other creatives.

    The important thing is creativity might be a solitary activity, but it’s also a creative process. If you want to be the best you can be, then it’s essential to connect with other creatives. This way, you’ll get inspiration and feedback from others in the industry.

  7. Follow your heart and intuition.

    Did you know following your intuition is one of the recommended healthy habits? So, trust your intuition and follow your heart. If it feels right, then go with it. And, don’t forget, creativity is a journey, not a destination.

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The bonus ritual is to read more books, blogs, and articles for inspiration. 

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How creativity leads to success?

Creativity is not simply a skill or talent you’re born with – it can be developed and improved over time.

There are many ways in which creativity can lead to success, but one of the most common ones is by enhancing your ability to problem solve. 

It means thinking outside the box and defining new solutions to new challenges. It also helps you think creatively about unique things, leading to fresh ideas and surprisingly better mental health.

Another key factor in creativity is being able to take risks. It means trying new ideas even if they don’t work. It also means being comfortable with accepting failure – something that’s often difficult for people to do. But if you do this, you’ll be successful in any creative field.

Remember, the best ideas pop up any time of the day or in the middle of the night. That is the start of your new project. Hold on to it and explore from all possible angles. Most creative people follow this process to bring out their best work.

Is creativity born or learned?

We often hear our parents or relatives say that creativity runs in the family. They are not wrong in stating that. Studies are in progress.

Also, read this detailed research by Oikkonen J, Onkamo P, Järvelä I, Kanduri C. Convergent evidence for the molecular basis of musical traits. Sci Rep. 2016 Dec 22;6:39707. doi: 10.1038/srep39707. PMID: 28004803; PMCID: PMC5177873.

Here are some books that you can explore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why rituals and habits are essential to a creative life?

One of the essential things to a creative mind is establishing daily routines and habits.

Rituals help you stay focused and motivated, set boundaries for yourself (time, space, etc.) and create a structure for your creativity. They can be anything from writing every day to exercising daily – the vital part is that they are regular activities that support your creativity.

Habits can also be anything from writing down your ideas every morning to working on creative projects every evening. The key is that they should be things you’re passionate about and want to continue doing.


Creativity is one of the most crucial traits in your arsenal for success. By following the SEVEN rituals outlined in this blog, you will be on your way to becoming more creative. In fact, creativity is linked with success in so many ways that it’s hard to overstate the importance of cultivating this skill. So, if you’re looking to take your career to the next level, include creativity as one of your main goals.

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