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Halloween is one of the most important holidays in the United States. It celebrates the occasion when the spirits of those who have died return to Earth to visit their loved ones.

Some believe Halloween is when supernatural beings can cross into our world and cause mischief. That is why it is customary to dress up in costumes and go out trick or treating on this night. 

Many people also visit haunted houses to experience these spooky attractions firsthand.

While some people may see Halloween as simply a fun holiday, others believe it has spiritual significance. They claim that by celebrating this night, we can learn to accept death and loss gracefully. Whether you believe in these spiritual beliefs or not, there’s no denying that Halloween is an interesting and exciting event!

Here is a spooky Halloween poem to enjoy:

Once upon a time, there was a night when the dead came to life and started terrorizing the living. All sorts of ghouls and goblins roamed the streets, seeking to feast on human flesh. No one was safe – not children, not the older people, not even the brave heroes who fought against them.

To make matters worse, the weather turned cold and dark, and lightning flashed in the sky like bloodthirsty ghouls looking for their next victim. 

The end was…

Halloween is here, and the witching hour is drawing near,

The goblins are hard at work in their labs,

Making potions to put people into a trance,

For Halloween night, they want you to be terrified!

A skeleton with an eerie grin,

Holds a ripe pumpkin,

It’s all ready for the festivities,

That will soon commence !!

Blood stains the floor where a victim lay slain,

The smell of death is in the air,

What will happen to you tonight, dear reader??

Get thrilled, let the blood ooze out from those bodies,

Read these horror poems now! If not, I don’t guarantee it!

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