Stay calm, give way

Intellectuals live with the notion that there is a humongous materialistic award waiting for us at the end of our journey. Yes! stay calm, there is one, much-awaited death of course. Don’t be alarmed! We are also aware that death is inevitable, yet, we live in a world filled with unsaid competition to earn fame and wealth. I shall not deny that the desire to succeed and to collect wealth for ourselves and our loved ones’ security has turned into a need for most of us.

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Being calm and composed is a rarity that is observed everywhere around us. A handful of people practice being calm regularly, and the rest fall back being busy. We are tuned and trained to compete and win. It is necessary to win, but where? is the real question. Are we spending our precious time and limited energy in gathering wealth, striving for fame? Think again! these are mere by-products. Instead, we must spend our precious time and energy discovering ourselves and being humble to new learnings every moment we live. That is when we spend our time and energy wisely. 

In the past, we have been introduced to our great epics, be it our religious texts, be it godly inhuman stories. They all narrate one truth, how one must lead a simple life by being at peace and build wisdom through life’s journey. Of course, it is our intellect to consume these texts and stories from our varied perspectives. Rolf Dobelli shares in his book, The art of thinking clearly – Social proof is the evil behind our limited thinking in many fields of life. 

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Have we lost the ability to think clearly?

Our beloved Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore rightly said – It is simple to be happy, but it is difficult to be simple. There is depth in this inspiring quote, and easy as well to understand. All it requires is persistence and self-discipline to live this way. Being intellectuals, one must strive to stay simple, gain knowledge and experience for a better livelihood. Fame and wealth are by-products of this effort.

Recent times have been difficult for us. Many souls have departed without experiencing life to the fullest. I urge you to stay calm, stay safe, and always be at peace. I wish you good health and happiness.

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