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Some people want to go after things, and others are go-getters. 

People who go after things don’t have a clear vision. They nurture the mindset of ‘if only,’ ‘I wish,’ and ‘maybe one day.‘ 

People who do things know what they want, how, and why it matters. They develop a clear vision of their future.

Go-getters are ambitious and determined people with a goal-oriented outlook. These people understand the importance of goals and actionable plans. The relentless desire to improve and constant seeking of feedback from mentors, peers, and trusted sources, keeps them on track and continues improving over time.


Go Getters Develop a Combination Mindset

Go-getters are courageous to take risks. They strive to achieve new things and excel at their strengths while working on their weaknesses. 

They continuously learn and expand their knowledge, taking on activities of their interest. 

Goal-getters create balance in their lives by pursuing different goals, such as educational, interpersonal, and more. They strive to be more than just an average person.

This way, go-getters develop a combination mindset of Trust, Value, Courageous, and more. The book ‘Your Black Diary‘ explores the depths of a combination mindset. 

So, get it now and start putting into practice its valuable tips for developing a combination mindset!

Go Getters Set SMART Goals

Go-getters are goal-oriented and determined to succeed. They know what they’re good at and excel at improving their strengths. 

Moreover, they are willing to take risks and jump into the unknown to figure things out. 

SMART goals help go-getters focus their efforts and maximize their success. Here are the SMART goals:

  • Be specific when defining your vision.
  • Make your goals measurable.
  • Ensure they are achievable by you.
  • Make it relevant and align them with your vision.
  • Set a timeframe for each action.

Refer to the below examples on developing your personal SMART goals.

Increase salesIncrease sales by 20%Within the next six monthsBy developing and executing a targeted marketing campaignTo reach new customers and encourage repeat businessWithin the next six months
Complete professional certificationComplete a professional certificationWithin the next 12 monthsBy enrolling in a certification program and dedicating time and effort to study and prepareTo enhance skills and advance careerWithin the next 12 months
Improve time management skillsImprove time management skillsAt least a 10% increase in productivityBy prioritizing tasks and reducing distractionsTo increase productivity and efficiencyWithin the next three months
Develop personal fitness routineDevelop a personal fitness routine and lose 10 poundsWithin the next three monthsBy exercising five days a week and following a healthy diet planTo improve physical health and well-beingWithin the next three months
Increase social media engagementIncrease social media engagement by 25%Within the next six monthsBy posting high-quality content consistently and engaging with followers regularlyTo increase brand awareness and customer engagementWithin the next six months
Examples of SMART goals

Go-Getters Believe In Taking Action

If you’re a go-getter, you don’t shy away from taking risks. Right?

Go-getters are tenacious and put 110% to achieve goals. They follow their interests and focus on their strengths rather than weaknesses. Go-getters know that taking action is essential to achieving success. 

They dare to make decisions and try things even if they seem to go bonkers. A go-getter is confident, challenges the status quo, and constantly seeks new opportunities.

Go Getters Learn from Every Failure

Becoming a go-getter also entails accepting failure.

It is vital, as failure tests your perseverance, flexibility, willingness to learn, and ability to think outside the box. 

The more you fail fast, the better you learn from them.

However, it is essential to learn from each failure. Doing this helps you build your strengths and identify areas for improvement. In essence, failing is an opportunity to grow.

Go Getters Maintain Cut-Throat Discipline and Consistency

Go-getters maintain a relentless work ethic to stay disciplined and consistent. They focus on their strengths and weaknesses and strive to be proactive toward their objectives.

They are highly resilient when facing challenges and take complete responsibility for their actions. Also, they stay motivated and consistent with their efforts even when faced with obstacles.

Go-getters are also known for their positive thinking and enthusiasm toward achieving their goals. They don’t let any negative thoughts deter them from pursuing their dreams. 

They can achieve great things with a positive mindset that helps them persevere in excellence.

Go Getters in Entrepreneur Setup

Being a go-getter is a must in entrepreneurship, and of course, social media plays a role in the advancement of businesses in the United States and other countries. 

A thriving business requires persistence, proper time management, and the ability to set clear goals in the right direction. 

Also, a go-getter is willing to take the first step towards their aspirations and will go the extra mile. 

They also step out of their comfort zone bravely and take calculated risks to achieve their goals. 

Furthermore, expressing gratitude for small successes is vital in maintaining the motivation to keep going.

Social media is now a primary platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services. So, every go-getter must know the ins and outs of it. 

For example, Facebook is a super engaging social media platform, and a go-getter must know how to leverage it for their business. 

Setting specific goals, creating a content strategy, and effective time management is crucial. 

With the action, a go-getter will grow their online presence, reach new customers, and increase revenue.

Another example is a conference speaker, a go-getter who has accomplished significant success through their persistence, goal-setting abilities, and willingness to take risks. 

A go-getter conference speaker inspires many because they have achieved success by taking consistent action toward their goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I develop better work habits to become a go-getter?

Go-getters are motivated to learn more about their work and tasks.
Furthermore, to become a go-getter, distinguish activity from achievement. You must start and take the initiative to get experience and learn more. 

For example, get involved with your work to get to know the company better. Or, try reading books like “Your Black Diary” by Krishna Yoga to learn more about achieving goals and becoming successful.

How can I increase my motivation and drive to become a go-getter?

By taking risks! You’ll be more likely to find new opportunities and paths leading you closer to your goal.

Additionally, pursue activities that interest you. Furthermore, reading books that discuss how to be a go-getter can help you develop a combination mindset.

Lastly, focus on learning more about your goals instead of being just satisfied. 

Never settle down with your knowledge level or current level of achievement. Also, always work hard to grow and learn more to reach your dreams.


The go-getter mindset is critical for success. Once you have it, you’ll set and achieve goals. 

So, developing this mindset boosts your productivity, reduces stress, and improves your work-life balance. If you want to be a go-getter, these are expert tips to explore.

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