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The worldly race is messy, chaotic, and filled with pain. It will all fade away, and you will be forgotten forever in time. We all know that time can be a cruel mistress. It can move quickly and without warning, leaving us behind as we race forward. For some, this may be a harsh reality. But for others, it is destiny that we must accept if we want to live life to the fullest.

Why not take a step back and explore the idea that we will all be forgotten in time, why that might be, and how we feel about it?

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People forget quickly. We move on to the next thing and forget our past. Other than the great kings, ministers, celebs, and a few others, we forget almost everyone from the recent past. Even if you document everything about yourself – time ensures to wipe away all traces of yourself after a while.

The great things in life fade, and we may never remember them or care about them again. The people around us constantly change and move on, erasing our memories. And, eventually we will be forgotten.

We forget because it’s easier that way, and we’re often busy focusing on the future rather than dwelling on the past. It can be frustrating when something good happens, but we quickly forget about it as everything else takes over our lives. 

Yes, of course! That is the nature of the human mind and the essence of being a mortal. We cannot dwell on the past.

Why this topic today?

In 3 simple words – to stay grounded.

Take a look at your family, relatives, friends, enemies, and acquaintances – all of them are spending their precious time working their asses off and earning money. 

Money is a set of digital numbers that can fluctuate in your bank accounts. We do it to feed the family, secure our future, and help escape some of the problems in our life. But like everything else, it comes with a cost – time.

We spend all our lives working for money. We do because we learned to do this from our infancy. Our parents, teachers, and coaches have shown us how to earn money to feed the family. Very few take the time to teach us the essence of life and why we are here.

We are here just like all other living beings. The only thing we do is complicate ourselves and multiply our suffering.

We spend all our lives working, earning money, and think that is it. But remember, time keeps moving, and what you do will be forgotten tomorrow. So take a step back every once in a while and appreciate what you have now. Because it can disappear in front of your eyes just like everything else does sooner or later.

Our religious texts and science to date have tried to explain the big bang, who god is, and what is the secret of the passage of time. The search for reality is still on.

The past is rough, and humans need a long time to comprehend it. Even our great-grandchildren will not be able to decipher this fact. We still have a long way to go to get close to the secrets of this universe.

How many people are forgotten?

Many many billions!

We can say this only with the known history. The unknown still enjoys being in darkness. Our minds are not capable of remembering all those who have left us. And, of course, it does not make sense to remember them now as they won’t be able to help us lead our life.

As time passes, we all age and disappear from the map.

So, it is our deference to become aware of our life, cherish all those moments we have now, and make the most of them. And also to remember those who stay forgotten. Frankly, you will not have the energy or the memory to do this when you age or retire.

Live this moment, for you will be forgotten.

No matter how many followers you have on social media, how well you dress, how well you apply makeup, or how much you earn. You will be forgotten. You will end up in a graveyard, burn into ashes, or become a wild animal’s meal.

Spend your limited time grounding your mind, body, and soul in absolute reality. Live the moment you are in right now. Respect what you have. And, most importantly, support someone in need.

In the end, I will leave you with food for thought.

“The moment you forget someone, they will be forgotten.”

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